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Ptksai Technology: What factors should be considered when purchasing an intelligent POS cash registe English

Ptksai Technology: What factors should be considered when purchasing an intelligent POS cash register?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-17
In the new retail era, intelligent POS cash registers have gradually spread to stores in various industries, realizing the digitalization and intelligence of stores and building a richer consumption scenario. At the same time, the intelligent POS cash register, as a popular device in offline stores, has combined online and offline more closely. So in the face of a large number of intelligent POS cash registers in the market, how should merchants choose correctly? What factors should be considered? The following Julong communication editor will introduce it to you. *, Consider the demand, structural enterprises should consider their own actual situation when purchasing intelligent POS cash registers. If a supermarket or supermarket is opened, a flexible split intelligent POS cash register or modular intelligent POS cash register should be adopted. If you are opening a store or convenience store, you can use a simple all-in-one machine. If you are opening a department store or shopping center, you can choose according to the space. Second, the cost of price and cost assessment intelligent POS cash register usually includes purchase cost and use cost. We may encounter a situation where the smart POS cash register is damaged and needs to be repaired after a period of use. Therefore, the maintenance cost must be considered before purchasing the intelligent POS cash register, * to a regular company to purchase, so as to ensure that the intelligent POS cash register has a good after-sales service. . It has an industrial chain with PCBA, integration, research and development, production, sales, logistics and service as a whole, focus on hotel cash register solutions, catering cash register solutions, Shangchao cash register solutions, clothing cash register solutions, retail cash register solutions, etc. Julong communication Shenzhen cash register manufacturer has built a perfect industrial system with research and development as the core, production as the cornerstone, sales as the pioneer, brand as the driving force and after-sales service as the guarantee. If you need to know the intelligent POS machine, third, according to the system platform of the front desk software running, if the front desk software runs on DOS platform, the requirements for CPU, memory and hard disk of intelligent POS cash register are relatively low. If the foreground software runs on windowsXP, windows 7 and other platforms, the CPU main frequency * exceeds 500 MHZ, the external frequency is not less than 100 MHZ, and the memory is greater than 64 M. Otherwise, the high cost configuration of the intelligent POS cash register may increase the useless cost, or the low configuration of the intelligent POS cash register may not guarantee the normal operation of the front desk software. At the same time, the power consumption of CPU should be considered. The power consumption of ordinary CPU should exceed 30 watts, while that of low power CPU should be less than 10 watts. CPU is an important heat source in intelligent POS cash register. If the temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the intelligent POS cash register may crash. Therefore, a low-power CPU should be selected. What factors should be considered for purchasing intelligent POS cash registers are shared here today. ptksai is a powerful manufacturer specializing in the production of intelligent POS cash register hardware, and its products are matched with Android system, in addition to supporting various payment methods such as swiping cards, inserting cards, scanning codes, NFC, etc. , store upgrade modules including member management, customer marketing, data analysis, etc. can also be designed according to the needs of software developers, with the operation of big data and cloud platform, intelligent cash register has become the key entrance to store management upgrade.
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