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Ptksai technology windos cash register technical parameters

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-16
Ptksai technology windos cash register technical parameters Beijing time on July 30 news, Windows 10 has just been released, Microsoft has made a promise to users can be fulfilled? Sophisticated users have noticed that Microsoft's commitment to Windows 10 is so similar to that of that year. Both are designed to embrace mobile office and mobile app, giving users the same good experience on touch screen and PC. They are also the foundation of Microsoft's mobile phone platform. However, we have all seen that there is a big difference between the two: Windows 10 has fulfilled Microsoft's promise. Three years ago, tablet computers such as iPad became more and more popular, and Microsoft felt that its PC country was under unprecedented threat. As a countermeasure, Ballmer and other Microsoft executives decided to adopt the advanced design of the interactive interface, requiring users to forget the traditional mouse click and embrace the modern flat design. This is a brave decision. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 came into being and boldly moved towards the era of touch screen and networked applications. Now, in CEO Satya · Nadella and executive vice president Terry · Under Myerson's leadership, Microsoft giant decided to make its own efforts again. But this time Microsoft's ambition is even greater: if successful, Windows 10 will be * a version of Windows. After that, Windows 10 will continue to update like a service. This is an operating system that fulfills all promises, allowing large and small devices to work together. The Microsoft team revealed The birth of Windows 10 in an interview with The famous technology website The Verge. How did they do this? What are their next plans? Let's see how Microsoft people see Windows 10. Windos cash register technical parameters product details technical parameters LCD screen 10 points capacitive touch CPU integrated IntelBay trail- D quad-core J1900 CPU, default main frequency 2. 0GHz Turbo Boost to 2. 42GHz Trail- D dual-core J1800 CPU, default main frequency 2. 41GHz Turbo Boost to 2. 58GHz Display function, integrated with Intel® HD Graphics core Graphics card, support HDMI, VGA. Built-in dual-channel 24bit LVDS pins support dynamic memory allocation (DVMT) Support high definition playback operating system windows732 64-bit windows8 windows10 network function 1000M audio function, board 2 * JACK, ALC662 6 sound card chip I/O interface 4 * USB2. 0 Interface 1 * HDMI interface 1 * VGA Interface 1 * RJ -? 45 Network Interface 1 * Line out 1 * Mic 1*12V DC_JACK input fan Interface 1 * CPUFAN 4pin and 1 * SYSFAN 3pin power type DC_12V 5A single power input operating humidity 5%- 95% relative humidity, non-condensing memory 2G * support 8G hard disk 32G expansion module built-in printer bill printer, can print barcode + QR code, * print width 1 million camera high-speed HD 2 million pixels high-speed HD 3 million pixels 3 million Wide dynamic backlight Camera 5 million Wide dynamic infrared binocular camera high-speed HD pixels ID card reader, local ID card reader local ID card reader 3G/4G card, onboard 3G card onboard 4G card motherboard scheme J1900/J1800/I3/I5/I7 optional screen size home screen touch 15. 6 Uses/applications hotels, supermarkets, chain stores, bath centers, coffee chains, clothing bars, restaurants, etc.
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