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Ptksai tells you how to choose the right cash register for the store?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-21
How do merchants choose the right cash register system? In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet has driven the market structure and business model of various industries to undergo multi-level changes. Civilian consumption, low-cost management, mass entrepreneurship, innovation, etc. , all kinds of economic, industry hotspots and national policy support, each industry has new development opportunities, each industry has an internet portal. How to choose the cash register ptksai cash register to open a restaurant or chain convenience store, in addition to shop location, shop decoration, hardware facilities, etc. , * it is important to choose a set of suitable store management software and intelligence. The difference between how to choose the traditional cash register system of cash register and * is that it is used together with the new generation of Internet intelligence. A set of easy-to-use cash register system, the merchant * hopes that the system is smooth and easy to operate. All functions can meet the daily cash register needs. If you encounter problems, you can have professional customer service or technical follow-up solutions. In addition, ptksai cash register system is connected to the Internet, data cloud synchronization, order and customer information cloud storage, no need to worry about data loss and other issues, and every time the cash register system is updated, there will be new features and new surprises for the majority of merchants. How to choose cash register ptksai intelligence is a multi-functional and multi-purpose intelligent cash register equipment, which is equipped with kitchen printers, cash register printers, label printers, code scanning guns, POS machines, electronic scales, cash boxes, etc, compatible with almost all cash register equipment. The ptksai cash register system can be applied in the following industries: restaurants, beverage coffee shops, supermarket convenience stores, baking dessert shops, cake and fruit shops and various places that need cash register. How to choose the cash register ptksai cash register through the ptksai store management and commodity management system, after the goods are put into storage, set the corresponding price and discount and inventory warning. Whether customers choose WeChat Payment, Alipay, NFC membership card, UnionPay card, etc. , the cash register and cash register system can easily cope. Customers take the initiative to scan the cash register QR code for payment, merchants take the initiative to scan the customer's payment QR code, and use the physical membership card to induce payment or use the bank card to pay can quickly complete the cash register. How to choose the cash register ptksai cash register convenience: Credit card consumption = provide convenience for customers! The survey shows that most merchants can increase their sales performance by 40% by accepting bank card payments. Therefore, providing credit card consumption can help you avoid the loss of customers on! 2. Openness: Let your business directly face 1 billion holders of domestic bank cards and 1. 5 billion holders of international cards. How to choose cash register 3. Security: there is no need to save a large amount of cash in your store; Ptksai cash register 4. Save time and effort: Don't worry about invalid checks or bring large amounts of cash to the bank; Ptksai cash register
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