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PTKSAI ticketing kiosk manufacturer for payment

PTKSAI ticketing kiosk manufacturer for payment

PTKSAI ticketing kiosk manufacturer for payment

KS-SK Epoch
Country of origin
Operating system
Android 5.1 / 7.1 or Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 10 IoT
Main Screen
21.5'' / 23.6'' / 27'' / 32'' PCAP touch screen(1920*1080)
RK3288 Cortex-A17/ Intel Celeron J1900 / Intel Core i3 / Intel Core i5
2GB / 4GB / 8GB DDR3
8GB / 16GB / 32GB eMMC for Android or 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB SSD for Windows
Optional Modules
Thermal printer, Barcode scanner, MSR, IC card & NFC reader, EFT POS mount, Fingerprint reader, Camera, WiFi, 4G
I/O interface
DC Power, USB, LAN
24 kg / 53 lb
Package size
1900mm(W)*540mm(D)*660mm(H) / 75''(W)*21''(D)*26''(H)
1 Year ( allow the extension of warranty to 3 years )
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Product Details
pos terminal's outstanding quality is shown in the details.pos terminal is in line with the stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high.
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Company Advantages
1. PTKSAI is manufactured in tune with set production guidelines by employing premium-quality raw material and pioneering technology.
2. PTKSAI is made of well-selected materials that conform to strict industry standards.
3. PTKSAI ticketing kiosk is manufactured by our competent workforce utilizing well-tested material and sophisticated technology following the set norms of the industry.
4. This product has no major defects, i.e. dangerous or unsafe environment or non-compliance, including sharp points or edges, loose stitches left on clothing, loose nails or lack of suffocation warning labels.
5. The product has uniform stitching. To allow the fabric to stretch, the fabric is cut straight along the texture .
6. This product is known for its durability. It can withstand a certain number of cycles and maintain its performance after a long period of operation.
7. The product will be more competitive and more widely applied in the global market as we keep advancing our production technology.
8. The product caters to the requirements of customers in the industry and is bound to have a wide range of application prospects.
9. It is highly competitive in the overseas market and enjoys high popularity and reputation.
10. The product is highly praised by customers and will be applied by more customers in the future.

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Find a High-end Self-service Kiosk?

PTKSAI Self Ordering & Payment Kiosks provide your customer a smart way to breeze through your restaurant line faster, feeling more satisfied and spending more than usual. Meanwhile, you’re saving on labor costs and improving same-store revenue right along with your customer experience. Sound amazing? That’s the power of PTKSAI self-service kiosks for restaurants.

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Create the ultimate guest experience with PTKSAI Self-Ordering Kiosks                
The PTKSAI KS-SK is a self-service ordering & payment kiosk with powerful features such as QR code scanning (or scan code payment), NFC reading, thermal printing, face recognition, infrared sensing and more. Interactive Kiosk KS-SK combines information display with customer interaction. In the idle time, the KS-SK ordering terminal can display the advertisement cycle. The infrared sensor can detect the proximity of the customer and automatically open the ordering system. Kiosk machine KS-SK is equipped with 4G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, etc. So the APP in mobile phone and self-service system of kiosk machine can transmit information. It is suitable for ordering food in restaurants, saving customers' waiting and improving the enthusiasm of the waiters.


FHD Sensitive and Sturdy Touch Screen                

On the screen, the KS-SK uses a 21.5 inch capacitive full HD screen to display clear and comfortable viewing. With 10 points touch screen and G+G (surface toughened GLASS + GLASS material touch screen) toughened glass film protection, the screen is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and touch sensitive. 23.8'',27'' and 32'' touch screen are available if you need. Self service kiosk provids multi-touch and gesture support to make it easy for shoppers to interact at the kiosk in a way that is most familiar to them in their everyday lives. The kiosk can give your customers access to information, promotions, and lets them purchase items that are out-of-stock or not carried in the store.                

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Thermal Printer
A durable thermal printer with keylock was built-in PTKSAI self-service ordering kiosk which is 170mm/s print speed, 500,000 cutter life, 50KM print life.It support thermal paper roll 80mm width* 80mm diameter.
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Bar code & QR code Scanner
PTKSAI interactive kiosk integrates high-quality bar code& QR code scanner, which has high recognition accuracy, fast recognition speed, excellent recognition angle and distance.
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EFT POS & Credit Card Machine Mount
Self payment kiosk design a beautiful mount for the popular EFT POS terminal. It is easy to install and disassemble your EFT terminal. Slope position helps customers to easily use credit card to complete payment.

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Equipped with a face recognition camera, KS-SK is capable of supporting precise capture and identify the biometric features. It can be customized the 3D-structured light camera. Module design allows users to adjust shooting angle according to their height
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MSR, IC Card & NFC Card Reader
The special modules we use include magnetic card, IC card and NFC card recognition. They are perfectly compatible with software that supports membership management and credit card payment.
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Fingerprint Reader
Fingerprint recognition is increasingly used in payment, medical, security, encryption and other fields. Our kiosk integrates related hardware solutions and supports fingerprint search and comparison.

Perfect compatibility with Android & Windows OS
Our ID design takes into account the hardware compatibility requirements of Android and X86 solutions. Android version adopts industrial-grade motherboard RK3288 chipset, stable performance, bringing users a fast and smooth control experience. In addition, Windows 10 system and various processors and configurations are also optional.
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Reduce Transaction Costs and Increase Efficiency
PTKSAI self service kiosk has extensive bill payment platform design choices and full feature that can be easily customized for any automated payment environment.Self-service kiosk can increase sales productivity of store associates, driving higher per-store daily sales,reduced transaction costs, reduced human error and reconciliation costs, for increased accuracy and higher throughput.

Company Features
1. Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is an exalted manufacturing company based in China We are preferred because of our high-quality ticketing kiosk and incredible delivery time. Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of airport kiosk based in China. We are a preferred manufacturing choice for brands and consumers. Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has become a famous and widely recognized manufacturer in the industry. We are engaged in the design and production of .
2. The complete modern management system is available in Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.'s manufacturing plant. Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. owns advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing equipment. A set of mature production technology also functions as an important part which contributes to the good quality of self pay kiosks .
3. For several decades, Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has constantly adopted the ceremony tenet of commitment and honesty. Inquiry! Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. will try to make the self-service terminal under our brand meet the needs of global users. Inquiry! Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. aims to fully introducing its bank self-service kiosk into international markets. Inquiry! As a supplier, our goal is to bring our high quality products to the global market. Inquiry! Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. highly emphasizes the importance of quality of service. Inquiry!
PTKSAI ticketing kiosk is designed with an aesthetically pleasing appearance that customers want. It is free of objects or substances that may be harmful to a child
It is icing on the cake for PTKSAI to carry out the latest design for bank self-service kiosk. The quality stuffing makes it soft and snuggly
The appearance design of PTKSAI airport kiosk meets the latest demand. It is not easy to fade after exposure to the sun
self-service terminal has reached new creative heights with self pay kiosks design. Its design concept is derived from the arts & crafts exhibition
The raw material used for PTKSAI self pay kiosks is of the best grade available in the market. The stuffing does not contaminate the product itself
The feature of self pay kiosks is ticketing kiosk, which is worthy of popularization in application. It presents an adorable and happy festive atmosphere
airport kiosk is extensively used in china now, because of self-service terminal. It is a lovely festival decoration for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine's Day
airport kiosk is made by bank self-service kiosk,which allows it to have the property of bank self-service kiosk. This product is tested to ensure that it doesn’t easily ignite
The leading features of self-service terminal include self-service terminal and long service life. There are no shredded wool and plush on it
By a rounded analysis of airport kiosk, bank self-service kiosk is considered as a airport kiosk good in both airport kiosk. It embodies innocence and comfort, teaching one how to love and how to be gentle with others
ticketing kiosk has been praised due to its airport kiosk. With real textiles and natural materials, it is built to last
It helps build brand recognition. Its beautiful and thoughtful design that focused on branding seizes the opportunity to connect with an actively engaged customer. It will not become dirty or stained easily
This product uses a color scheme ideal for brand identity. It expresses the identity and enhances brand awareness with customizable logo. It embodies innocence and comfort, teaching one how to love and how to be gentle with others
This product offers an endless number of opportunities and brands can hope to come up with very personalized pieces that directly communicate with individual customers. It has a captivating and fun appearance
By using this product, one will end up giving their customers a wonderful unboxing experience. They are also guaranteed more sales due to the many satisfied customers who’ll want to spread the word about the brand to their friends and on social media. It embodies innocence and comfort, teaching one how to love and how to be gentle with others
As a simple and effective marketing tool, this product is becoming more and more popular with its highly customizable feature. The accessory can withstand a certain amount of tension and is not easily torn off
Marketers and producers have noticed the influential market strategy presented by the product. It not only strengthens the brand but also increases website traffic while enhancing the customer experience. Customized accessories are available according to requirements
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