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Ptksai visitor face recognition function

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-11
Ptksai visitor face recognition function, want to know the visitor face recognition accuracy? The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Public Security and other six ministries jointly issued the 'notice on preventing and combating telecommunications network fraud crimes' (Hereinafter referred to as the 'Notice') At the same time, it puts forward a clear timetable for the implementation of the real-name system, and limits the number of cards used in commercial banks and telecom operators. In order to conform to the times and speed up the real-name system process, ZhongAn future has developed face recognition technology. Ptksai visitor face recognition system function visitor face recognition 1, through the ID card reader, can verify the authenticity of the ID card, and can read the ID card information and photos. Ptksai Visitor face recognition 2. The face comparison method is a 1-to-1 comparison method to verify whether the holder is correct and effective. Visitor face recognition 3. The face recognition camera is a special face recognition acquisition instrument. It has a unique face capture and positioning function to improve the accuracy of face recognition. It is embedded with an encryption chip and is bound to a visible light face recognition algorithm. Ptksai visitor 4. Provide SDK development kit to enable third-party platforms to receive face recognition results. Visitor face recognition 5. The system can record the process of each recognition and verification, store it separately and present it in the form of a report as the basis for review and verification. The key to the real-name system for face recognition of ptksai visitor is the combination of human and witness, and the key to the combination of human and witness is face recognition. The recognition steps are: * look at the proportion of face shape and facial features; The second is to look at the specific form of the five senses (Facial features size, shape and edge); The third is to look at the relationship between the five senses (Relative position). Although people are similar, there are obvious differences in specific facial features. Through careful decomposition, comparison and discrimination of the customer's facial features step by step, face recognition can be realized and the combination of human and witness can be realized, * accelerate the real name system. With the development of our current society, we know that there are many communities in the current city, and these communities are a whole to a certain extent. For such a whole, in order to better ensure internal safety and stability, it is very important to set up an visitor at the exit and other places, so we can now see this system in many communities. Ptksai visitor aircraft and for the visitor aircraft, it can also have very rich functions. First of all, the identification of certificates can be carried out through advanced scanners, therefore, the information of our current ID card can be read directly, so it is very convenient for his application.
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