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Ptksai visitor technology artificial intelligence to create smart policing

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-17
Insert the wings of technology and outline the beautiful vision of intelligent policing. In the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution represented by big data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, all localities have vigorously promoted the strategy of promoting the police through science and technology and continuously improved their ability to escort peace. Today, big data Police cloud video cloud network is regarded as the four smart empowerment projects of smart new police. Under their strong support, local public security based on actual combat needs, vigorously carry out the pilot of Police innovation and application, and the police efficiency is doubled. Visitor plane Science and Technology artificial visitor plane special visitor plane, Fujian: from sweat policing to intelligent policing, since this year, Fujian Public Security has implemented big data strategy, launch the three-year action plan of Fujian smart public security, build data policing, build smart public security, and improve the intelligence level of public security work. In terms of integration and sharing, we will resolutely break down the barriers of Police types, open up exchange and sharing channels, and promote the extension of superior public security data resources to the grass-roots level. In terms of interconnection, the overall construction of a new generation of cloud computing platform with integrated provincial and municipal cloud infrastructure and highly shared information will provide strong support for the province's implementation of the big data strategy. In terms of actual combat guidance, we will promote the deep integration of big data technology and prevention and control work, develop more practical and effective information systems, and improve the level of service support for police combat. Ptksai visitor Shenzhen: smart new policing makes the city safer, people happier, visitors build smart policing visitor build smart police ptksai visitor 2017, a mobile police application storm swept Shenzhen. A set of statistics on the large screen of the joint innovation laboratory of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau shows that from December 2016 to March 2018, the average monthly usage of the Mobile Police deep cloud system gradually increased from 1. 2 million to 20 million, and the number of users increased 16 times, user activity from 48. 1% to 93. 2%. According to introduction, the deep cloud system includes a security private network and a customized terminal. The security private network is a public security VPDN private network built on 4G network to isolate the private network from the Internet; The customized terminal adopts the domestic dual-card dual-standby smart phone, and customizes the development of the public security special version dual system to realize the mutual isolation and second-level switching between the working system and the living system. Pick up the custom mobile phone and touch the screen to instantly switch between the public security private network and the Internet. The operation is extremely simple. However, what is built on the mobile phone of the deep cloud system is that Shenzhen public security actively mobilized all kinds of police and branches to research and develop it in combination with the urgent needs of the public security network business system and grass-roots actual combat, handheld police application supermarket that can be downloaded at your fingertips anytime and anywhere. Ptksai visitor, Wenzhou: Police force big data Real-Time Perception team quality artificial intelligence to give full play to the role of information technology in driving the construction of public security teams, since 2017, the Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau has fully implemented the strategy of cloud-based public security and online policing. While striving to promote the public security business of big data services, it has also deeply explored the information resources contained in big data, research and develop Wenzhou Public Security Team Management big data platform and Wenzhou public security DingTalk Police platform, through the big integration of team information resources and work data, realize the wide application of data information, promote the management and upgrading of Wenzhou public security team. The big data information platform of the public security police force developed by Wenzhou public security bureau with artificial intelligence has established modules such as perception center and real-time police force to change the problems of understanding the team by impression in the past, by collecting data from police work, management, performance and other aspects, Mastering Data information such as work efficiency, quality and ability, and forming a team quality data analysis report, therefore, it plays an important role in many aspects such as police deployment, work supervision, prediction and prompt, and even long-term team planning. Artificial intelligence, Heilongjiang: digging deep into data policing to create intelligent policing artificial intelligence on July 2016, Bi Baowen, vice governor of Heilongjiang province and director of the public security department, put forward the concept of data policing in the province's public security organs. The data police construction project, as the bull's nose project of Heilongjiang Public Security, was included in the top-level design plan of ministries and agencies, and a new exploration and practice was quickly carried out in a short period of time. In October of that year Heilongjiang Province Public Security Bureau held a province public security bureau director meeting, deployed in the province's public security organs to carry out a three-year data policing, grassroots foundation, law enforcement standardization, social security prevention and control system, early warning information system, quality and ability, and data policing ranked first. In the past year and a half, Heilongjiang Public Security has continued to exert its efforts around the data policing construction project, constantly breaking through the difficult problems in resource integration and linkage sharing. At present, as an important part of Heilongjiang's smart public security pattern, data policing is based on the principle of building and using side by side, and conducts big data correlation analysis through cloud comparison at the provincial level every day, based on this, the clues are accurately pushed to the grassroots case handling units. Jiangsu: intelligent policing solves people's livelihood problems ptksai visitor with Internet of Things monitoring, big data analysis and other technologies, jiangsu Jiangyin police have carried out intelligent traffic projects, established and optimized a big data traffic control platform, managed traffic congestion, a chronic urban disease, and shortened peak traffic time by nearly 20%. Using intelligent police to solve people's livelihood problems has become the norm for Jiangyin police. In addition to the use of intelligent policing in transportation, in the fight against information fraud, the local anti-fraud center has been set up to integrate various police data resources and professional means, we will carry out synthetic research and judgment on data aggregation and integration, data service analysis involved in the case, anti-fraud investigation, and key personnel control. Article link: China security exhibition Network
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