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Ptksai visitor technology face recognition technology helps intelligent transportation

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-17
Ptksai technology self-service real-name system verification gate can integrate the functions of on-site Face Collection, identity verification, ticket list warning, etc. , from reading ID card information to collecting face photos on site for comparison and obtaining results, the whole process is automated, the collected information and comparison results can be uploaded to the big data acquisition platform for analysis in real time. Intelligent Transportation ptksai technology face recognition technology application place ptksai visitor can be used in many public transportation places such as airports, subway stations, light rail, railway stations, bus stations, etc. Face recognition technology ptksai technology face recognition technology features visitor assistance traffic, high durability and lower maintenance costs. Face recognition technology, second, ticket verification, to solve the problem of how to fully realize the functions of ticket verification and real-time networking with the ticket system, passengers who have not taken the ticket can read the second-generation ID number through the machine to find the e-ticket information; Connect with the travel service system in real time and dynamically adjust the pre-inspection plan; Real-time networking with the public security system, online verification, real-time alarm, etc. Face recognition technology III. Balance of witness comparison timeliness and accuracy of witness comparison how to design * detection and tracking strategies for multiple faces in motion under the condition of crowded traffic at the station, according to different lighting conditions, to achieve the desired effect. Face recognition technology IV. Personalized customization different environments and different needs according to the streamline characteristics of different stations, intelligent gate structure design is carried out, including the channel design, body design, human-computer interaction design of passenger operation, passenger guidance display design, etc. Intelligent Transportation, five, emergency treatment, fully consider no one or few people on duty in the structural design as much as possible to strengthen the anti-trailing entry function; When passengers fail to pass the verification smoothly due to various reasons, how can the manual control terminal provide remote assistance in time to reduce congestion. Intelligent Transportation ptksai technology self-service real-name system verification gate integrates high-tech technologies such as industrial control and communication, face recognition technology, biometric technology, big data and cloud computing, make public transportation safer and more convenient, and make its management more efficient and orderly, it effectively solves the three major problems of orderly queuing of passengers, efficient and accurate verification of ticket holders, and rapid and accurate verification and control of public security. Intelligent Transportation ptksai technology system function 1. In and out of the security control, the authority control unit import and export set up access control or access gate, the internal staff of the unit and the external visitors must obtain the Authority authorization before they can pass the access control or access gate to strictly control the activity area of the personnel, improve the security level of the unit. And the personnel entry and exit records will be uploaded to the management platform to facilitate future retrieval and query. 2. Visit registration self-service, efficient and convenient to adopt self-service visitor registration method, visitors can independently complete the operation of visiting information entry and respondent information search, call, etc. on the self-service visitor terminal, after the respondent confirms the reception, the visitor terminal will automatically issue a temporary authorization card, and the visitor can pass the access control or channel gate with the authorization card. It is very convenient and fast to obtain an authorization card without the participation of staff. Face recognition technology face recognition technology 3. The certificate is automatically read, and the authenticity terminal supports the second-generation ID card reading technology. It can directly read the personal information on the certificate, and can quickly identify the authenticity of the certificate to prevent the identity information from being forged, at the same time, it also solves the disadvantages of slow handwriting speed and scribbled handwriting in manual registration. Intelligent Transportation
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