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Ptksai what is a touch machine?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-23
As a kind of touch device that has just begun to rise, the touch all-in-one machine has the advantage of being able to clearly and transparently express the expressed content and being convenient for users to use. Speaking of the functions and types of touch-one machines, there are many, such as KTV's Song Machine, bank's number-taking machine, and shopping mall's touch-screen advertising machine. The so-called touch all-in-one machine refers to a computer that integrates the computer's host computer, touch screen and LCD screen and can be started with only one power cord. Broadly speaking, touch-screen computers and tablet computers used in our life also belong to a kind of touch all-in-one machine, but touch all-in-one machines mostly refer to interactive display computers used in commerce. Nowadays, we can see the existence of touch all-in-one machines in banks, shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals and other places, which also shows the power of touch all-in-one machines. The advantage of the touch all-in-one machine over other computers is that the touch all-in-one machine is very convenient and fast. First of all, there is no structure that separates the host computer from the display screen. The feature that only one power cord can be started makes the touch all-in-one machine very simple to install and very suitable for use in public occasions. Secondly, the touch all-in-one machine has no complicated operating procedures and keyboard input, and even people who do not know how to use computers can easily operate it. The touch all-in-one machine * is about its touch function. We all know that the touch all-in-one machine uses the user's touch screen as the main operation mode. Therefore, although the touch all-in-one screen is large, it is sensitive to use and will not be delayed at all. The touch all-in-one machine uses any object to touch smoothly, but it is a finger or a pen point, which can easily realize handwriting and painting functions. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a process system integrating research and development, design, production and sales of touch screen and industrial touch all-in-one machines. For a long time, ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. has been developing professional intelligent equipment. In 2014, our company sold 1 million sets of commercial display equipment with an output value of about 1. 0. 5 billion yuan. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was established in Longhua New District of Shenzhen city. With professional engineers and high-tech production instruments, it is committed to producing better and more satisfactory commercial equipment. Not only that, our company can also carry out all-round customization and production according to the different requirements of each customer's commercial display equipment, and making customers satisfied is our service tenet and goal.
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