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PTKSAI wireless pos system with printer bulk production

PTKSAI wireless pos system with printer bulk production

PTKSAI wireless pos system with printer bulk production

Country of origin
Operating system
Android 5.1 / 7.1 or Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 10 IoT
Main Screen
9.7''(1024*768) / 11.6''(1920*1080) / 12''(1024*768) PCAP touchscreen
RK3288 Cortex-A17/ Intel Celeron J1900
2GB / 4GB / 8GB DDR3
8GB / 16GB / 32GB eMMC for Android or 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB SSD for Windows
Optional Modules
WiFi, Barcode scanner, 4G, MSR, IC card & NFC reader, Camera, Fingerprint reader
I/O interface
DC Power, USB, LAN, COM, Audio, VGA
7.9 kg / 17.4 lb
Package size
1 Year ( allow the extension of warranty to 3 years )
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Product Details
To better learn about all in one pos machine, PTKSAI will provide detailed pictures and detailed information in the following section for your reference.Under the guidance of market, PTKSAI constantly strives for innovation. all in one pos machine has reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality.
Company Advantages
1. PTKSAI is developed by our dedicated R&D team on the basis of market research such as specific business needs of the business owners.
2. The touch screen monitor of PTKSAI wireless pos system adopts touch-based technology. It is specially developed by our dedicated R&D team to handle thousands of uses.
3. The R&D and design of PTKSAI involve not only POS system software but the hardware components. The team is dedicated to integrating POS software into hardware seamlessly.
4. The R&D of PTKSAI is based on touch-based technology widely used in the field. This technology has been improved by our R&D professionals who are keeping pace with the market trends of the POS system.
5. The design of PTKSAI wireless pos system is completed by our professionals who adopt ergonomics principles to perfectly meet the requirements of different scenarios.
6. This product features good moisture wicking. Through ventilation, it provides heat and moisture management to repel sweat away and create a cool and breathable feeling.
7. The product has desired bendability. Its structure is firm enough and not easy to be out of shape under heavy load.
8. The product has good stitching workmanship. During the sewing process, the right sewing machine is chosen and correctly set up to ensure the integrity of the stitching.
9. Wearing this product is a good way to create a positive image for people. It makes them become more confident and vigorous.
10. It has been proved that dressing this product will have a good impact on what we think and feel, and will affect both our behavior and our performance in work and life.
11. The product can mold better to the shape of the foot and bend with the shoe when people step on uneven surfaces, so as to offer the best cushion effect.
12. This product will be extremely suitable for people who are suffering from foot problems, providing people the right amount of cushion and support.
13. Dressing this product will truly make people feel comfortable and relaxing every time, especially in day to day situations.

Brife Introduction

The KS-TM03 is a Space-Saving Full Flat touch screen POS terminal that suit for variety of market segments. KS-TM03 consists of low power consumption processors and Fanless Cooling technology to enable KS-TM03 operate with less noise and heat; that make KS-TM03 suitable for the location that noise is often taken into consideration and provides superior spill and dust resistance that ensures optimum performance in varied retail and service.It’s also an affordable and easy pos terminal to run on Android / Windows OS, full I/O port ready to connect with POS peripherals such as receipt printer, barcode scanner,  EFT pos terminal which can help small and medium business to serve customer effectively.

Main Features

》 Projected Capacitive Touch Technology extends operating life.

》 Bay Trail Celeron J1900 (2.0 GHz)  Quad Core Fanless Processor

Liquid splashes resist and easy to clean up.

》 Closed structure and fanless processor minimize incursion of dust and environmental debris.

》 The connection panel allows cables to be hidden and routed neatly through the base and out the rear of the terminal.

》 Full I/O interface, perfectly compatible with varied POS peripherals like receipt printers, cash drawer, barcode scanner, EFT POS terminal etc

》 Scale can be used for weighing independently without POS terminal

》 Support Android/Windows OS

》 Compact Base Design Ideal for Small Workplace Operation




Android  5.1/7.0

Windows 7/8/10



RK3288 ARM




2GB / 4GB DDR3

2GB / 4GB / 8GB DDR3  


8GB / 32GB  eMMC

8GB / 32GB /  64GB eMMC

32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB SSD or 500GB /1T HDD

Main Screen

12'' / 11.6'' / 9.7'' multi-touch True Flat Projected capacitive screen


1366*768 / 1920*1080 (16:9) / 1024*768 (4:3)


Black / Customization

I/O Port

For A83T ARM

For RK3288 ARM

For Windows 7/8/10

DC 12V or 24V *1

DC 12V or 24V *1

DC 12V or 24V *1







USB*2  (extensible)

USB*2 (extensible)

USB*4  (extensible)







Audio out*1

Audio out*1

Audio out*1






LPT*1 & PS/2*1   (optional)

Optional  Peripherals

Cash drawer

Barcode scanner

QR Code Scanner


External printer

Power Adapter

110-240V,50-60HZ AC POWER INPUT;    DC12V 5A / 6A or DC24V 2.5A / 3A / 4A

Machine Dimension

220 mm *180mm *320mm (L*W*H)

Machine Weight


Packing Dimension

445mm*370mm*500mm   (L*W*H) 

Packing Weight


Operating Temperature

-5 to 40

Storage Temperature

-10 to 45

Company Features
1. Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of China's leading suppliers of today. We focus on developing, manufacturing, and marketing relevant products. Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. enjoys a sound reputation for manufacturing high-quality with a heritage of excellence for years. Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a well-positioned manufacturer of . Over the years, we have gained years of experience in the production of . With years of professional production experience, Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is renowned for highly competitive in manufacturing quality .
2. PTKSAI has invested a lot of energy and time to make wireless pos system high quality. PTKSAI masters innovative technology to fabricate android tablet pos with top quality. With the development of society, the technical strength of PTKSAI continues to increase. With excellent technical strength, PTKSAI has greater strength. The production engineering of mobile pos for restaurants has received extensive attention from PTKSAI.
3. As our leading principle, mobile pos android motivates PTKSAI to grow rapidly. Please contact. We can't emphasize more that the eternal tenet of the Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is . Please contact. Taking as business tenet, Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. successfully lead the trend in portable pos system field. Please contact. Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is born of love and has undergone decades of years of transformation and innovation in best android pos industry. Please contact. brand strategy constitute the core competitiveness of Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.. Please contact.
The packing for wireless pos system is simple but beautiful. With a compact design, it is space-saving
All our best android pos designs are original and unique. It is lead-free and environmental-friendly and has passed SGS test
wireless pos system are likely to possess features likebest android pos. It is characterized by high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation
wireless pos system's service life is prolonged than common mobile pos for restaurants. The product has the performance of great stability
We use best android pos material imported from abroad. It is widely used in different electronics industries, such as telecommunication and consumer electronics
Efficient heat transfer is one of its biggest selling points. The materials' thermal conductivity is high and has relations to their heat dissipation efficiency.
The product has excellent heat dissipation effect. The surface area is maximized to contact with the cooling medium surrounding it, such as the air and the cooling liquid. It can be printed with numbers, names, data codes, logos, or other specific information
The product has no sharp or protruding edges. It has been finely welded with full and smooth edges and surface during the production. It totally conforms to the UL Flame Rating of 94V-0
This product has the advantage of strong corrosion resistance. The surface of it has been processed with special oxidization and plating technique. Being laminated by advanced vacuum lamination equipment, it has a uniform dielectric thickness after lamination
The product has optimized heat dissipation performance. Thermal adhesive or thermal grease is filled to the air gaps between the product and the spreader on the device. Its solderable surface is protected from the oxidation
The product has good strength. During the production, it is finely welded and die-casted to ensure its physical strength. It is lead-free and environmental-friendly and has passed SGS test
The product has found its wide applications in the industry because of its fine characteristics. It totally conforms to the UL Flame Rating of 94V-0
After years of improvement, the product is gaining more and more attention at home and abroad and has great commercial value. It is widely used in different electronics industries, such as telecommunication and consumer electronics
This product is widely used in the market due to its huge economic potential. It totally conforms to the UL Flame Rating of 94V-0
The product is favored by a large number of people, showing the broad market application prospect of the product. Thanks to the up-to-date vacuum DES line, it is manufactured with fine traces and high density
The product is extensively appreciated among our clients for their excellent features and remarkable economic and commercial value. With a compact design, it is space-saving
The price of this product is competitive and is now widely used in the market. With a compact design, it is space-saving
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