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Ptksai Xiaobian solves the common troubles of the cash register for you

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-14
Ptksai Xiaobian solves the common troubles of the cash register for you. The answer provided by the user 1: it is necessary to use the cash register in the small store. One is the feeling of the customer, and the other is the convenience of management statistics. A small machine is enough, five-star use management is very convenient and fast, and the store is also convenient. The cash register can scan the bar code and add a scan *. It is really convenient and fast. For things without bar codes, the general cash register has the function of quick collection and can be easily operated, the five-star class II cash register should be able to meet the requirements of LZ. The answer provided by the user 2: ptksai Xiaobian has many advantages for you to solve the common troubles of the cash register. It can be summarized as follows: All files are saved electronically and are well documented, and it is convenient to check the sales situation in real time to provide customers with purchase vouchers, convenient after-sales, safe and convenient to regulate the behavior of cashiers, to prevent the wrong account can be counted at any time, purchase and other users to provide answers 3: assume, this small shop, you are the only one, or one more salesperson, there is no need to buy, and the cash register price is not cheap, lack of meaning if you are hiring people to escrow, you do not live in the store, then you need the cash register. This answer is adopted by the questioner. The answer provided by the user is 4: it is not very important to buy the cash register. It is important to install the cash register system and get a computer, just install a cash register system. It is convenient to count sales, running accounts and business conditions. It is not important whether the product is labeled with a bar code. The software supports name input and sales. Ptksai Xiaobian provides you with the answer 5: necessary to solve the common annoyance of cash registers. The cash register can accurately record the business data of the store and automatically analyze the statistics, so that it can be used as the analysis basis when the statistics are profitable at the end of the month; Secondly, even if it is a small store, it is necessary to record the revenue data for easy verification. However, according to the actual situation, the computer can be used to represent the cash register. It is to install a similar cloud cash register software in the computer, and then check out on the computer to do the cash register. This can not only achieve the function of recording cash register but also save costs. Ptksai Xiaobian provides you with the answer 6: The main thing is to see if you want to operate for a long time or simply. If you want to regulate some, the cash register is very necessary. Cash registers like meimai can order cash registers, as well as reports and members. It's too much trouble if it's just Manual. And the statistics are not comprehensive. In addition, like the headquarters system of meimai, there are WeChat ordering, members, and gifts. There are also these functions of invoicing. These are all things that can't be done by hand. Therefore, if you want to really manage a store, you must have a better cash register and system. If you are diligent enough, you have to manually calculate one by one. It is OK, but it will waste a lot of time. It is better to buy a cash register to manage the time and use it in the operation: necessary ~~~ Although it is a small town, this kind of store is not too much ~~~ So the customer volume should still be relatively large ~~~ And it's very convenient to buy a cash register and check out yourself ~~~ Don't worry about problems on the book ~~ A lot of things now (Like melon seeds) There is already a bar code on it, and you can go in when you scan it ~~~~ It is convenient to use this checkout, and it is also very practical to manage. * The key is that no matter who is watching the store, he is not afraid of being taken by him ~~~ The answer provided by the user 8: It is also necessary. . This will better and more standardized management of your store. . The cash register can be recorded directly. . Can improve the efficiency of your store! Supplement: There is also a cash register for sweeping the code. . The product type code is generally available on the goods. On the back. . As long as you enter it into the cash register. . There are also some goods that have no commodity code. . Very few. . In fact, it is very convenient and easy to operate. The things you buy will be taught by the salesmen. . Easy to use. . I wish you a prosperous business! A: I think it is necessary. The reason is: first, the cash register is cheap and can be used for a long time; Second, the cash register can really improve the efficiency of the cash register, and the speed of counting money is very fast; Third, most cash registers have the function of anti-counterfeiting alarm, which can find counterfeit money at any time and give an alarm sound.
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