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PtksaiPOS cashier said how to better protect the future market?

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-13
The use of products, both in terms of interface and function, is relatively strict, and can intuitively recommend new products and preferential activities in the store to customers, therefore, the touch screen cash register is the first choice for businesses. Next, ptksai will introduce the characteristics of POS cash register scale products in restaurants. Food and beverage store POS cash register scale product features: the system interface is beautiful, the operation is convenient, the main interface is beautiful, the operation is simple and fast, it only needs to be completed on the keyboard, and it supports graphic ordering, coded ordering, pinyin simple code ordering, the input method can also be switched by itself, which can save the cash register time, and the touch screen cash register only needs to touch and click. Through the intelligent handheld PDA and ordering treasure with wireless function, the waiter can open, order, retreat, merge, change, and query the consumption situation for customers anytime, anywhere. Touch screen cash register scales should achieve flexible and accurate financial settlement and settlement methods, and support cash, checks, credit cards, accounts, exemption, gift certificates, running orders, membership cards, etc. Offer a variety of discount methods, including single item discount, category discount, member discount, whole order discount, etc. At the same time, it provides automatic calculation functions such as * consumption, service fee, and on-time billing. Real-time kitchen monitoring, so that you are no longer worried about the phenomenon of missing orders. The POS system of the restaurant POS cashier scale has real-time kitchen monitoring function, which eliminates the phenomenon of kitchen printing lost orders; You can customize the kitchen printing method and printing content, and can realize one dish, one large category, one small category, one table and one table, and monitor and print the whole process, barcode printing and infrared scanning can be fully realized. Flexible background management, navigation operation interface and concise business process enter the background management system. The operation is clear, the business process is clear and simple. At the same time, it provides a variety of Operation ways, and the business operation can be completed either in the system menu or in the navigator. Powerful SMS Platform, Intelligent Call prompt and perfect SMS platform function of customer relationship management system will build closer customer relationship for you; Call automatically prompts, when members call to book, the system automatically displays member files and consumption information; The system provides customer information management, member management, membership card setting functions (Card holder or non-card holder) , You can set different member types, including member discounts, member stored value cards, member debit cards; Support a variety of member points management, including consumption limit, points by consumption amount, points by consumption times, and points by different product categories. Support a variety of member points offers and reward programs, including points rewards, gift exchanges, points discounts, and support different points levels to automatically enjoy different discounts.
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