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PtksaiPOS machine New gameplay towards a new era of retail

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-25
The new game of ptksaiPOS machine is moving towards a new era of retail. China UnionPay officially released the world's first mobile phone POS product, taking the lead in transforming POS machine from a hardware terminal product to an application product on a smart phone. This indicates that the POS industry has begun to move forward from the traditional era of valuing assets to the era of neglecting assets. This is the self-innovation of China UnionPay after its in-depth exploration of the mobile payment market and the POS industry, it is also the interpretation and practice of POS transformation and upgrading in the era of mobile payment. In the new era of ptksaiPOS machine in terms of security, mobile phone POS relies on a variety of software and hardware security technologies to ensure that credit card and two-dimensional code acquiring programs run on the trusted execution environment and security chip in the mobile phone, and the interaction with the outside is based on the secure channel. In addition, mobile phone POS will also rely on China UnionPay's intelligent real-time online wind control technology to monitor transactions in real time to further ensure the authenticity and reliability of transactions. At present, the mainstream brands of mobile phones supporting UnionPay mobile phone Pay in the market all have the above security capabilities, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, etc. , which can be listed one after another only by opening relevant POS functions. In terms of compliance, UnionPay mobile POS products not only meet the relevant requirements of the People's Bank of China's 'technical specification for trusted environment of intelligent terminal payment', but also are compatible with the international PCI organization's 'Software- The security requirements based On PIN Entry On COTS provide compliance guarantees for full Entry into the international market. In the new era of ptksaiPOS machine, in terms of convenience, through the UnionPay mobile phone POS service platform, the acquirer can open the mobile phone receipt service online for its expanded merchants, merchants only need to complete the two simple steps of mobile phone POS application download and online registration through the mainstream application store on their mobile phones to receive bank card receipts and QR code receipts; Consumers can use chip cards or mobile phone Pay to conduct flash payment Non-connection transactions with the merchant's mobile phone POS; It is also possible to conduct transactions through two-dimensional codes. In the main scanning mode, consumers use their mobile phones to scan the dynamic two-dimensional codes safely displayed on the merchant's mobile phone POS; In the scanned mode, the QR code displayed on the consumer's mobile phone can be scanned by the security camera of the merchant's mobile phone POS. Ptksaipos machine pos machine new era if in this everywhere full of high-tech era Small make up want to ask you of mobile phone most are used to dry. ? Is it used to make phone calls, send text messages, take photos under narcissism or. . . . . . That little editor really feels sorry for your mobile phone. Nowadays, mobile phones are not only used for communication, but also involve in a series of industries such as finance, communication, shopping, transportation, etc. Now, the mobile phone POS machine introduced by POS machine company has once again enriched the use of smart phones. PtksaiPOS machine POS machine New era a few years ago, if you mention mobile payment, it is only regarded as a good wish to fantasize, but when people now start shopping on mobile phones, recharging for off-site mobile phones, and repaying across banks without any fees, people have to admit that mobile payment has come to us. so far, there are four ways of mobile payment, namely, operator billing, NFC (Near Field Communication)Payment, credit card payment (If everyone pays for the mobile phone POS machine)And mobile application payment. Among them, carrier billing and application payment do not require special hardware support, while NFC payment and credit card payment require corresponding hardware devices.
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