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PtksaiPOS machine opens new retail--Start with the system and become an application

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-26
The ptksaiPOS machine started the new retail from the system. This wave of application of new retail has been like a butterfly effect since Ali blew it out, affecting the entire retail environment at once, from online to offline, from small shops to large enterprises, they all began to worry about the transformation. How to do a new retail, what is a new retail, in fact, there is no real correct plan, each enterprise has different demand points, only the right is the plan for its enterprise. But no matter what the plan is, it starts with the system. The system is 1. Without this 1, how many zeros are useless. The POS machine opens the new retail ptksaiPOS machine. The consumer is the data, and the data is the consumer. The New Retail is the comprehensive reconstruction of the people and goods yard driven by big data. The driver of big data is the driver of consumers. What data is * Core? This * Core is of course the role of the consumer. In the current era of new technology and high technology development, we have more and more means. ptksaiPOS enables us to identify and POS new retail to accumulate consumer data. When the collected data are fully presented, we will find that we can actually build the consumer experience based on the consumer as the center, so that the consumer experience can undergo fundamental revolutionary changes, because of this, the overall effect of our supply chain and value chain has been comprehensively improved. POS machine opens new retail ptksaiPOS machine in the past few years, because consumers have been changing, we have seen fewer and fewer consumers in offline stores. But why is the frequency and speed of consumers entering the store gradually increasing in Yintai in the past year? It is because Yintai has already fully realized the digitalization of members and commodities based on the membership system. In the past few years, consumers have been more and more attracted by the online ptksaiPOS machine-based multi-scenes. In such a process, if the physical store does not change, it means that there are more and more consumers, can only wait at home. POS machine opens new retail mobile payment development rapidly according to data released by payment clearing Association, mobile payment business of banking payment institutions in 2016 257. 1 billion transactions, up year on year. 82%, amount 157. 55 trillion yuan, up year on year. 59%, average single amount 6127. In 97 yuan, non-bank payment institutions have accumulated 970 of online mobile payment services. 5. 1 billion transactions, up 143 year on year. 47%, amount 51. 1 trillion yuan, up 132 year on year. 29%, average single amount 525. 60 yuan, it can be seen that the current mobile payment market has shown a competitive pattern in which banks occupy large and low-frequency market segments, rather than bank payment institutions are developing rapidly in small and high-frequency market segments. According to data released by iResearch Consulting, in the past five years, the scale of third-party mobile payment transactions in China has reached 0. 5% from 2011. 1 trillion yuan soared to in 2016. 8 trillion yuan, in the proportion of mobile payment and internet payment, the transaction scale of mobile payment also increased from 3. In 2011. 5%, rapidly climbing to 74. In 6%, the mobile payment industry is experiencing a leap forward. POS machine opens new retail ptksaiPOS machine
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