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PtksaiPOS opens the era of big data

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-13
PtksaiPOS opens the big data era, and businesses will know you better than your mother. This is actually the core appeal of the new retail, infinitely approaching the inner needs of consumers, and intelligently pushing the information you need in any scenario. For example, when you go to Nanjing Road, a shopping guide based on your shopping preferences and consumption habits will be sent to your mobile phone: your favorite YSL 52 lipstick * Department Store is available on the first floor. You support the Manchester United team. The Yaohan has a genuine jersey on the second floor. . . . . . PtksaiPOS machine goods: the new production mode C2B customization mode the business rules pursued in the era of large industry are: large production, large retail channels, large brands and large logistics, in order to reduce the production cost of enterprises indefinitely. However, in the present era, with the continuous upgrading of economy and living standards, prices may no longer be a factor. PtksaiPOS ptksai opens the era of big data consumer demand for personalized consumption is increasingly upgraded, the era of popular consumption will enter the era of minority consumption, goods tend to be personalized, and give it more emotional communication. In other words, starting from the source of production, people's needs will be better met. PtksaiPOS ptksai opens the big data era field: consumption scenarios are everywhere at present, and the contacts between brands and users, or consumption scenarios, have achieved explosive growth of magnitude. Stores, e-commerce, mobile, TV and so on have more diversified channels, and consumers have basically realized the convenience of shopping anytime and anywhere. It can be said that as long as there are screens and networks, goods can be traded. In the future of ptksaiPOS, with the further maturity and development of AR/VR technology, consumption scenarios will be truly ubiquitous and WYSIWYG. This will also bring great improvement to people's consumption experience. Ptksai opens the era of big data mobile payment has been in the leading position in the application level. With the continuous development of mobile applications such as online shopping, sharing economy and online social networking, the acceptance environment and usage habits of mobile payment exceed that of the United States and Europe, for example, Alipay has more than 4. 5% of active users. 0. 5 billion people, WeChat payment active users more than 0. 6 billion people, mobile payment penetration rate reached 43%. According to the report released by iResearch Consulting, the scale of mobile payment transactions in 2016 reached 9 trillion US dollars. According to the data of Forrester, a market research company, the scale of mobile payment transactions in the United States in the same year was 112 billion US dollars, the scale of mobile payment transactions in Europe is 61. 3 billion US dollars, compared with that in the United States and Europe. On August 22, 2017, the report released by the World Economic Forum also praised its leading position in the global mobile payment field. Second, why can Mobile Payment lead the world? The reason why it can lead the world in the field of mobile payment is, on the one hand, that residents with relatively developed payment systems are not enthusiastic about mobile payment. On the other hand, ptksai has its own advantages in the development of mobile payment.
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