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QR code automatic scanning module, the foundation

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-28
Review the development of automatic scanning barcode scanning module, from the traditional automatic vending machine to the self-service terminal with changeable functions, which supports the payment with two-dimensional code; from the first channel gate to the intelligent gate with & ldquo; scanning two-dimensional code & rdquo; access; from the initial coin bus to the bus with two-dimensional code, which is not the same as & ldquo; two-dimensional code scanning module & rdquo Development achievements of innovative applications. It can be seen that the innovative product of the close integration of traditional self-service equipment and automatic identification technology is the inevitable development of the times. Behind this development trend, it is not difficult to find that the QR code identification technology makes the user's pain point needs to be solved constantly. Behind the convenient and flexible terminal operation, the QR code automatic scanning module will become the basis for innovation and expansion of the intelligent terminal industry, and it will gradually become more practical and convenient. From the definition point of view, the two-dimensional code embedded module is the core recognition component widely used in the field of automatic recognition. It is also one of the key parts for the secondary development of barcode scanning gun, PDA products, etc. It has a complete and independent barcode scanning and decoding function, and can be written into various industry application function programs as required. Due to its small size and high integration, it can be easily embedded in data collection equipment, POS terminal, handheld equipment, traditional self-service equipment, access control terminal, intelligent gate, bus mobile phone scanning equipment and other industries. From the function point of view, the QR code module can quickly identify barcode and effective QR code. It usually adopts automatic sensing mode, supports USB (hid-kbw, hid-pos) interface, RS232 serial port output, etc., and meets more interface requirements, making it compatible with various software systems and easy to carry out secondary development. Take the lv4500 QR code scanning module of Shenzhen rakinda as an example. If it is integrated into self-service equipment, it can fully integrate the performance of QR code automatic identification, collection and data transmission, act as a role of QR code scanning device, and read the one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes on paper and mobile phone screen at high speed, so as to meet the functional requirements of the end user & ldquo; code swiping payment & rdquo;. Consumers only need to show their hands at the & ldquo; QR code scanning port & rdquo Alipay, WeChat payment code can enjoy convenient and secure payment needs. All in all, there are many advantages of mentioning QR code module. When we have a deep understanding of it, we will find that it is based on user experience. Shenzhen rakinda specializes in the production, R & D and sales of various brands and models of scanning module, barcode scanning module, barcode reading engine, embedded barcode identifier, QR code anti scanning module, QR code scanning head, new land 2D scanning module, QR code identification module and QR code scanner. It has become the industry's scanning module / scanning module Outstanding! In the past 20 years, rakinda has always been leading the development direction of bar code automatic identification industry and two-dimensional code embedded module field, and with excellent bar code identification performance and super high cost performance, it has continuously won the praise of customers in the international market. At the same time, vision technology has also been strengthening the investment in QR code scanning module product solutions, making the company a priority for many OEM manufacturers and end users! For detailed product information, please contact Shenzhen Vista technology for more information.
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