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Quick collection! How many mistakes have you made

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
In the new retail era, owning a convenient and time-saving store cash collection system is like icing on the cake for merchants, because a good cash collection system can not only make merchants clearly understand the operation of the store, but also reduce the energy investment of merchants. In order to choose a satisfactory cash collection system, many shop owners are really racking their brains. So, what are the common mistakes of store owners in purchasing cash register system? Now let's have a look. I hope this article can help all the merchants who need to buy the cash register system to avoid these mistakes and choose their own cash register system. Photo source: first of all, I'm sure you'll be familiar with the saying 'one price, one goods'. But is it true that you can buy good goods at a high price? The answer is not necessarily. Many merchants always think that the most expensive function of the cash collection system is the most stable and suitable for themselves when they purchase the software of the cash collection system. In fact, many long-standing brands of cash register system software on the market have their outstanding features in terms of function or software stability. There is no problem for small and medium-sized supermarkets to directly use them. However, if a large-scale chain retail mall is opened, the software of the supermarket cash collection system on the market suggests that the merchant should consult with a professional manufacturer to meet their own needs, so as not to spend money to buy good goods. Secondly, when many merchants buy the cash system, they are blindly greedy for more. They think the supermarket cash system with the most functions is the best. After purchase, installation and use, we found the problem. So many functions of a software add a lot of energy consumption to the store cashier. The store staff spent a lot of time and energy on the study of the use method of the cash register software. In the process of cash register, they found that many functions were not needed at all. Many useless functions also affect the speed of cash collection. In fact, for shops and bosses, as long as the cashier system has the basic functions of cashier, data management, member marketing and so on, there is basically no big problem in store operation. Picture source: Generally speaking, everything has advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the cash register system, merchants should not regard price as the first standard to judge the cash register system, nor blindly mistake that the more functions the cash register system has, the better. The best one is suitable for them. Therefore, when choosing the cash register system, they must consider their own situation comprehensively.
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