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Revenue of 24. 1 billion yuan of anta, intelligent brush face cashier clothing brand value!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-12
In just the past 12 months, sportswear brand & ndash; Anta is proudly announced, global retail headquarters will be located in Shanghai. The future will be owned by many international brands that retail management center within. As a Chinese sportswear brand, anta's message from recent growth performance: 2018 revenue of 24. 1 billion yuan, in 2019, according to ali cloud anta first-half earnings rose to 40. 3%, far higher than uniqlo, zara, the parent company of 7% growth. From a traditional private enterprises to the international chain of clothing brand, anta did the right thing? Actively embrace new retail is probably one of the important step. In 2018, the company has created many clothing stores, wisdom can face recognition into the shop, the customer's gender and age. Shoes with RFID products, which pair of shoes can sense the customer picked up, and real-time display on the screen corresponding product information, optimize purchase experience. Anta tianjin wisdom store interior ( Image: anta) For more than 1000 stores, of course, not every clothing store to upgrade so tall. In other clothing chain stores, anta choose intelligent register as entrance, cashier collection efficiency, big can optimize experience and collection of sales data. Anta yuyuan garden shop will use brush face pay cash register, can combine self-help sweep yards, self-help and settlement, self-help cashier, promote the overall sense of science and technology, clothing stores, reduce customer queuing checkout time, can also reduce labor costs. If only through brush face pay equipment to improve the cashier gathering speed, the clothing store is necessary to upgrade the wisdom stores? Garment industry contrast the catering business super scenario, it pay more attention to the user's adhesiveness. Member management and user portrait is more important to the function and significance of the clothing store. A customer may remember what size she wears because of you, come back in a few times, love to wear what style of clothes and to the clothing store, such as kindness and brand loyalty. Customer loyalty to the clothing store is particularly important, therefore, through the brush face equipment can more accurately identify customer identity, and intelligent record every customer's preferences and consumption habits, more understand the heart of every customer. Alipay dragonfly brush face payment device can enter the member function, through the facial recognition through paying treasure to the background, according to different customers' spending habits, provide different customers with one thousand thousand service below. Garment industry, especially the fast fashion industry, upgrading of products and aesthetic changes quickly. Through brush face cashier equipment as the entrance to the customer management analysis system, the user portrait can be multidimensional, personalized consumption, product design and supply for the future can provide data fu. In the future, digital will become the clothing enterprise's core competitiveness.
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