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rm150,000 \'ka-ching!’ moment that never came

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-05
Ipoh: one of the shopkeepers here has vowed to accept credit card payments as he claims he lost nearly RM150, 000 due to the failure of several transactions made through the point of sale (PoS)
His equipment at home.
Heung said on June that in June 21, 2018, a group of foreign customers came to his store.
\"They bought several health products worth 621 yuan.
The transaction is conducted using PoS processed by a third-party company.
\"A few days later I contacted the company on the payment issue and they told me that the payment would be withheld before further notice.
\"It\'s been months since the report was released and I haven\'t received any updates on the status of the payment.
\"However, I was told by a representative of the company that I would not get the money back,\" he told reporters yesterday.
During the press conference, the director of the public service and complaints bureau of the Yong MCA was accompanied by lower Guannan.
Two other payments worth 996 yuan, Yong said.
On December 2018, 90 computers using different POS machines were again detained.
\"We used the new POS machine after the first report was released.
In fact, we have some other POS machines to meet the needs of our customers.
\"On December 11, 2018, different customers conducted two transactions using the same POS machine.
The next day, I went to the bank and found that the payment was deducted.
\"I checked my account online on December 18.
Money is not there, \"said Yong, who submitted his second report on January 22.
He said that he did not receive two payments worth 397 yuan on December 15, nor did he receive another payment worth 343 yuan.
At 00 on December 16, his client paid with the same PoS device.
\"To prevent this from happening again, I no longer accept credit card payments,\" said Yong . \".
All the equipment is owned by the company, not by the police, said Low.
\"We want to know why the police have not seized the equipment for further investigation,\" he said . \" He added that he wanted the authorities to take the issue seriously.
\"As a merchant, Yong can only know whether the transaction is successful or not.
However, he was unable to track or see if the card used by the customer was fake.
\"Bank Negara needs to have a mechanism to help businesses crack down on fake credit cards,\" he said . \".
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