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School canteen 丨 upgrade dinner high-end intelligent face recognition system, parents teacher all praise!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
Some time ago, at the middle school issued a notice: chengdu distinguished parents: hello! First of all thank you for your support to our school for a long time, in order to improve the management level in our school canteen, now the restaurant card machine system upgrading, upgraded to the most high-end domestic meal intelligent face recognition system, the new semester start students dining will be paid using face recognition. Students of nursing in parents use alipay deduction, fully realize the function such as online payment, inquiry details, cancel the cash and charge card payment. Parents please start from the date of this notice issued to sign. All parents want serious according to the process operation. Between charge, now in general use meals at school and the students' meal card often appear lost need to fill do, waste the parents money also gave canteen card of trouble, the school can face recognition have been introduced brush face equipment. Before brush face payment hasn't been implemented, the children after class line card rice almost all need ten minutes, since pay equipment fitted with brush face, the children can quickly eat hot food! For the school canteen manager happy that a decision. Our class a semester has a dozen children need fill card, although a card is not more than 20 yuan, but I think the school built up is also a lot of amount. Large range of children in the school sports, meal card again every day carry, so it is easy to lost, besides children did practice every day to eat the parents don't know, since to brush a face to pay, children have brush face to eat in the canteen we parents handsets have records of consumption, so very good! A field house committee said. School application of this set of high-end intelligent face recognition dining system, schools and parents to fully support and appreciation. Equipments in the face recognition to pay hundreds of days in chengdu a few home after primary school canteen, received a lot of praise. Brush pay face to face for the media, topkapi, mobile phone, wallet and other goods depends on the dependence, make people travel more convenient, quick, face a real travel and consumption. At present, brush face pay constantly flood the market, a brush face of payment application of broader, gained unprecedented pay effect, era has indeed see face. In the future, I believe that brush face pay also will have more applications and the development of better, and POS industry will also arises at the historic moment, more innovative products, to bring people to a better product.
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