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School this device failure! Lead to students without meals, to rescue the wisdom the canteen.

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-11
Recently, gaoan middle school's high three students in jiangxi province after the final exam, due to the canteen this device failure without meals on the news out. After after hungry students, test in a hurry to add energy to eat, because this device failure, lined up in the cafeteria. A busy day, but without meals, how to is good? The cold winter weather, the food cooling speed, if such as fixed inductor, day lily is cold. In order to let the students can eat hot meals in time, will only make direct dozen rice, thousands of students and inform the student card) the next day. Although the next day, the students lacking the dinner, but such accident, undoubtedly brought difficulties to the management of the school canteen. At present, most of the school canteen, still use the old system, inductor can only carry on the simple stage of cashier, after-sales maintenance extremely inconvenient, some are already can't find the service providers, caused the canteen management is relatively difficult. In fact, the dining room is one of the important scenes, group meals for each meal base, dining time, user taste difference is big, has always been a catering management industry in shallow water. Along with the development of The Times, the user needs to upgrade, canteen management also ushered in the spring, the dining room of a silent information revolution, quietly pulled open heavy curtain. Wisdom canteen, through the way of company canteen, gradually lead the canteen information into the deep waters. It is understood that the current canteen information market schools of thought contend, the canteen management systems and solutions. , full wisdom treasure the canteen system influence is the largest, most users, the solution once don't dining room is a model of the industry as wisdom. Wisdom through full treasure the canteen system can make dining room to move, informationization, intellectualized, user-centered, a full wisdom canteen management mode can continue to meet the needs of users is growing, constantly optimize the canteen service quality. Compared to the previous card system, intelligent canteen lower failure rate, can be more stable and efficient operation. Wisdom through full treasure dining room face recognition solution, can effectively help the canteen to improve the efficiency, save the cost and labor liberated part of the canteen. Specifically, canteen system through the facial recognition repast, wisdom card removes this device system failure, and cast card prepaid phone card all sorts of drawbacks, such as the loss is the real payment non-inductive, let diners easier more convenient and faster. In addition, full wisdom treasure the canteen system also implements the user and the dining room to the connectivity of information, thus to improve the user satisfaction with dining, meet the demand of the users personalized repast. Through intelligent terminal, full wisdom treasure dinner canteen system can precipitate the user data, flexible adjustment of the canteen management strategy, to reduce food safety risks, optimize the canteen upstream and downstream supply chain and inventory, reassured the canteen operator, worry and comfort.
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