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Security technology ubiquitous face recognition hardware

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-16
With the deepening of urbanization in our country, the importance of public transportation is increasingly prominent. As the main lifeline of urban transportation, urban public transportation system has the characteristics of large passenger flow, many lines and stations, complex passenger sources, etc. Among them, subway and public transportation are the main means of transportation to relieve urban traffic pressure, of course, it is included in the important regulatory scope. In recent years, China has continuously deepened the application of security technology in public transportation management to improve traffic operation efficiency, safety level and service capability, and to bring intelligent travel experience to citizens. Security technology is ubiquitous in face recognition hardware. Face recognition makes suspicious personnel invisible. After several years of development, China's face recognition technology has far exceeded the accuracy of human eyes. At the same time, the basic conditions for large-scale popularization of software and hardware are also available. At present, face recognition technology has been widely used in bus security control. The intelligent face recognition device of the bus captures the face in real time by installing an intelligent face recognition camera on the bus, and compares the captured information with the preset key personnel database in the database, once the analysis detects that the fugitive is immediately issued a warning letter to assist the police in searching for suspicious people on the bus with a large daily flow, so that the police can arrest them. At the same time, although the face-brushing into the subway station has not yet been fully promoted, it has been initially implemented in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. When passengers approach the designated area, the camera on the machine will capture the passenger's face information, compare with the photos in the ID card chip, the ticket information is consistent, and the face is quickly compared with the ID card photo. If suspicious personnel are found, advance control and real-time early warning can be carried out to grasp the dynamics in real time. Security technology ubiquitous face recognition hardware AI enables high-definition monitoring to ensure passenger safety. In-depth learning and intelligent analysis make security monitoring truly intelligent and can automatically learn and filter according to different complex environments, in the huge flood of video data, things with different attributes are retrieved, marked and identified to achieve the purposes of fast positioning, fast retrieval and intelligent classification. The ubiquitous face recognition hardware of security technology and the intelligent passenger flow monitoring technology based on video recognition technology can replace the naked eye to observe the passenger flow speed, density, congestion index, etc. of subway stations, at the same time, combined with operational information and external weather information, it predicts future traffic changes, helps staff to conduct passenger flow guidance, emergency dispatch, risk prevention, etc. , and eliminates unsafe factors in time. For example, during major holidays, the subway station has a large flow of people and irregular movement of people. Through the combination of video surveillance front-end image acquisition and back-end intelligent analysis system, the safety capacity warning of key areas can be issued several hours in advance, it can also predict the total number of people and peak hours in the next day or even week, and assist managers to work out duty and duty plans in advance to avoid crowded stampedes. The ubiquitous face recognition hardware of security technology and the high-definition monitoring system on public transportation can help rash passengers recover lost property and effectively reduce theft. The camera in front of the driver sends the real-time picture back to the background, and the inspector checks the driver's status against the monitoring screen to prevent the driver from driving fatigue. It is worth mentioning that on August 2018, the Shanghai bus began to install the driver status analysis early warning instrument, which can automatically analyze the driving behavior of the bus driver and judge whether there is any illegal operation behavior through artificial intelligence, add security to driving safety.
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