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Selection of cash register and cash collection

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-29
How to choose the right cash register and cash system for a large supermarket chain? Compared with single stores, chain stores need more operational needs such as distribution and member marketing management. So choosing the right cash register and cash system can save a lot of trouble. According to their own experience in this industry for many years, we have selected several sets of selection schemes for you. Businesses can choose large-scale chain cash registers and systems that are suitable for them in the market according to their schemes, or directly purchase customer worry free products, with more guaranteed quality. Scheme 1: customer worry free T2 cash register + scan code Gun + price tag printer + barcode printer + cash box cash register, scan code gun and small size of cash box are not mentioned much. We all know that they are mainly used to assist in cash settlement. Mainly say price tag printer and barcode printer. What is a price tag printer? People who have visited the supermarket know that when we purchase products, each product has its own price, and we need to use a price tag printer at this time. What is a barcode printer? Barcode printer is of course a printer for printing barcode. Large supermarket fresh department, or scattered weighing place, all need to be weighed. At this time, a barcode printer is needed. After weighing, the price will be pasted to facilitate checkout. Scheme 2: the current large-scale supermarket has been replaced with self-service cash register, and the merchants can also choose the following machines:
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