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Self-help cashier and brush face payment are the key to the future development of the industry in th English

'Self-help cashier' and 'brush face payment' are the key to the future development of the industry in the new era!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-18
In the first half of 2019, the hottest word was'Self-service cashier'And'Brush face payment'. Mining the user traffic and value in the new era and new scenarios has become the opening battle of the future industry battlefield. This is no longer around'Mobile phone'And'APP” However, the traffic war is sweeping into new commercial fields with more vertical refinement and more scenes. WeChat Alipay, the two major online business giants, has cooperated with POS industry manufacturers one after another, from face-brushing payment products to the future of intelligent payment and digital operation depicted by both sides, to subsidy policies, all show that the brush face payment is in the'The Storm'. And'Tuyere'Means opportunity,'Langjian'It means risks and challenges. Where is the hot trend of face-brushing payment? 1. The giant's transaction flow brush face payment is mainly placed in large and medium-sized department stores, chain stores, and for these merchants, the daily turnover can break a few 100,000, the accompanying is the huge transaction fee. 2. The official support policy is not only the biggest support given to merchants by WeChat or Alipay, such as consumers paying for payment through face-brushing devices with full reduction or random red envelopes. 3. Headquarters joining support headquarters joining support, including face-brushing payment equipment support, equipment landing debugging support, product training, etc. In the aspect of face-brushing payment security, Alipay will compensate for the financial losses of real users. The research and development speed of face recognition technology has exceeded expectations, and the technology is difficult to achieve 100% perfection. Alipay has a very mature system for the protection of users' rights and interests. Alipay staff said that because of the account insurance with funds, on the scan code product' You dare to pay me, you dare to pay, you dare to sweep me, you dare to pay'The promise. Fast identification, no need for user cooperation, to meet the harsh business application environment. As a product in the checkout scene under the wiring, it needs to achieve the integration of hardware and software. For the original face payment technology, the technical challenge is much greater than that in APP. Some face recognition products require users to cooperate with live detection such as opening their mouths and nodding their heads, resulting in poor experience in commercial scenarios. Is there a risk of leakage of personal photo information after using face brush payment? It is believed that the face information obtained by the front-end machine will not be retained, and the risk of photo information disclosure is not high. The amount of information contained in a photo is very small. Generally, the way to obtain photos of citizens is very small, which may be in the process of payment, because people are more alert to the theft of photos. The biggest convenience brought by face recognition payment is that there is no need to use a mobile phone in the payment process. Face-brushing payment will appear in more application scenarios in the future, bringing more convenience to everyone. Some places in China have already realized face-brushing into the subway and face-brushing to buy tickets. In such a small payment scenario, the use of face-brushing payment will become the norm. In the field of large-sum payment, face recognition is also an important auxiliary means.
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