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self-serve airport idea could take off in future

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-28
In the most painful year for air passengers-
One year flight delay and improper handling of luggage-
Hope is at hand.
One solution: airport with only passengers.
At the meeting of airport and airline officials here, this kind of possibility and technology designed to speed up the traveler\'s travel to the destination is broadcast, providing an attractive glimpse into the future of fast travelmoving check-
Track lines and luggage using radio signals.
Amsterdam\'s Schiphol airport floats in a self-help queueService kiosk--
Same as in the grocery store. -
There, they check in, tag their luggage, put their luggage in the suitcase, select their seats, and print the boarding pass.
Officials at Schiphol predict that in about five years, almost no one is behind the counter, as the new machine will help to shorten the line and handle passengers faster.
\"It will be very efficient,\" said Marcel van Beek, airport passenger process project manager, shortly after announcing the plan, applause rang in the crowded room of Mandalay Bay activity center. The self-
The service plan is a hot topic for 300 airlines and airport officials who gather together
The day meeting, which ended on Friday, aims to explore how to get passengers through the airport faster and easier. Titled Check-
On 2007, the meeting was worth mentioning because it came at a time when flight delays and improper handling of luggage were at the worst time since the federal government began tracking these issues in 1995, and some aviation analysts believed, as more planes and passengers board the sky, there won\'t be much relief in the future.
Record $0. 209 billionS.
According to the Air Transport Association, passengers are expected to fly this summer.
\"People no longer think it\'s fun to fly,\" said Charles Duffy, JetBlue\'s chief information officer.
Airport officials acknowledge that they cannot prevent flight delays, but there are steps they can take to ease the traveler\'s frustration with crowded airports, lost luggage and long term inspections --in lines.
\"We can at least try to get the airport to a positive experience,\" Randall W said . \"
Walker, head of the conference-hosting International Airport in Las Vegas.
In a showroom, about 20 companies showed off new machines and equipment that airport officials wanted to help keep inspectedOn the moving line. One European-
The company, based in the West Tower, is touting a kiosk that can be installed outside.
Enables passengers to check in and print boarding passes for all major airlines.
At present
The kiosk usually serves only one or two airlines.
EDINBURGH, Scotland-
Based in mobilqa Ltd.
Computer software that enables mobile phone users to receive emails
A message containing a barcode image, similar to the one on the boarding pass.
Then passengers just pass the phone under the image-
Reading device for boarding or boarding.
The technology is being tested in Canada but cannot be used in the United StatesS.
At least now.
The Transportation Safety Administration still requires passengers through the United States to hold paper boarding passesS. airports.
Airport and airline officials acknowledge that no matter how smoothly they check in
In the process, passengers still face long queues waiting to pass through the TSA system.
\"We have to compensate them for their inefficiency in some way,\" said Mees of JetBlue . \".
TSA has begun to work more closely with airport officials.
It allowed domestic passengers to check their luggage last year.
The practice after the website ban.
2001 terrorist attacks.
In Los Angeles, passengers using a plane to Los Angeles International Airport can now check in up to two bags at the Van Nuys pick-up facility for $5, Westwood and City Center Union Station
They can also get the boarding pass for the airline.
Passengers can then go directly to security and boarding gates as luggage is transported separately to lax handling facilities.
There, TSA security personnel checked their luggage and then put it on the passenger\'s flight.
This service is also available for conference visitors at the Los Angeles Convention Center and for cruise ship passengers at the Port of Los Angeles.
There is a problem: passengers must fly within the United States.
Many ideas discussed at the meeting, such as joint inspection
It seems to be far away in all airline areas.
But officials at the airport said Mr. Schiphol\'s plan seemed close to taking off.
At Amsterdam airport, a machine scans the passenger\'s passport and displays the flight information on the display.
Travelers can choose a seat and print the travel Lee tag, which passengers attach before placing the baggage tag in the chute next to themselvesservice kiosk.
The bag tag may contain a miniature radio transponder similar to a stamp that can be read a few feet away, allowing for more accurate tracking of luggage.
For example, the airline will immediately know if there is a package on a flight.
Officials at Schiphol expect about 90% of passengers to use the self-service service by 2015.
Service machines, which will enable the airport to handle passengers expected to increase by 50%, while reducing the typical queue time by 10%.
This will also ease concerns about labor shortages;
Schiphol officials expect many airport staff to retire in the next five years. Self-
Paul Fijen said that the service also makes sense for passengers, as they are becoming less dependent on humans in buying groceries or in common transactions such as library checkout, the manager of passenger service at Air Holland KLM, the company is working closely with Schiphol to carry out new inspectionsin process.
\"I firmly believe that customer control is more valuable than seeing 10 [from purchasing a ticket to arriving at a destination]ticket]
Tired and stressed agents . \"--peter. pae@latimes.
As the pain of air travel increases, airport and airline officials are working to find ways to get passengers to the plane and avoid losing their luggage, including: * self-help
A kiosk that allows passengers to print boarding passes and checked baggage. * Paper-thin radio-
Frequency identification tags similar to those used by drivers on toll roads are placed on luggage for more accurate tracking. * Off-site check-
Passengers only need to wait in line at the airport for security check.
* Use mobile phone as boarding pass. --
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