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Shenzhen Android smart visitor hardware manufacturer

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-15
Shenzhen Android smart visitor hardware manufacturer ptksaiP18 witness one machine hardware parameters: industrial control host industrial control motherboard, onboard integrated Ruixin micro RK3288 Quad-core 1. 8GHz processor, DDR3L 2 GB, 8G integrated RTL8168 onboard Gigabit network card; Display Shenzhen visitor 10. 1-inch hd LCD screen; Camera CMOS sensor; Pixel: 200 W, wide-angle camera for face inspection; ID card RF technology: in line with ISO14443/TypeB standard; Reader decryption module: security control module for second-generation resident identity card verification; Card reading type: Second generation resident identity card; Reading speed: card reading time <1. 5 seconds, ID card reading <1 second card reading distance: 0- 5cm speaker built-in voice speaker fill light high brightness LED fill light 6, the human body is close to automatically open the fill light, IC card function Android visitor built-in IC card reader, support to read internal personnel card (IC/ID card and other induction cards optional) Fingerprint verification function built-in fingerprint reading and identification module; Access control function built-in two access control relay output, face recognition function built-in face recognition camera, face recognition module; Identification distance within 120; Extended interface USB2. 0X4; RJ45X1; DC12V power port X1, can output DC12V; VGA port X1; HDMI port X1; COM port X1; Input power supply DC12V3A large power supply, 3C certified power supply ideal environment working temperature: 0 ° C ~ 60 ° C; Working humidity: 10-85%; Storage Temperature :-20-60 ° C; Storage humidity: 20-80%. Chassis size intelligent visitor installation method desktop ptksai desktop visitor all-in-one machine, system software function: Personnel Management detailed unit internal department structure, EXCEL template batch import internal staff details: name, job number, card number, department, mobile phone, landline, entry date and other employee identity information management: Batch import of EXCEL templates such as card change, loss reporting, unhanging, fingerprint entry, password setting, etc, ID card automatic card reading and entry, manual entry, maintenance of internal personnel information in various ways (First) Operator's assignment of different permissions to verify face recognition 1. Brush the second generation ID card to automatically read the information in the certificate (Judging true and false) 2, on-site photo portrait collection, automatic witness comparison, comparison by automatically saving all Visitor Information 3, the total number of visitors on the day, the number of people leaving, the number of visitors in real time statistics Display 4, White List Registration Management, after being enabled, only the whitelist personnel can be allowed to verify the entry and exit 5 and blacklist settings at this terminal, and the visitor will be automatically reminded to be blacklisted 6 when visiting, and the entrance guard of the internal personnel will automatically output the door opening signal (Facial capacity: 10000 sheets) Fingerprint Verification internal personnel fingerprint identification successful access control automatic output door opening signal (Fingerprint capacity: 10000 pieces) Internal IC card comparison internal personnel IC card swipe successful access control automatically output door opening signal report query function visitor visit information, on-site photo information, visitor access control records, etc. can be queried according to time period and other conditions, print is Excel export. Gate information Shenzhen visitor preset multi-door networking general information sharing visitor information management visitor blacklist setting public security network data Upload Xinjiang public security police comprehensive platform Upload, Guangdong public security network upload, etc. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was established in 2009, is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise group, the company's products mainly include: intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, intelligent digital photo frame, stand-alone and online advertising machine, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, video greeting card, professional clock machine, and customized electronic products for major customers. The company has three technology centers combining production, teaching and research in Xi 'an, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley of the United States. 61 engineers are engaged in software and hardware customization and development across time zones, as well as product front-end research. In 2017, the company's R & D team contributed nine innovative invention patents. The high-efficiency intelligent refrigerator and touch POS terminal developed by the company are at the advanced level of the industry. The company is also a solution company for a number of intelligent advertising machines and intelligent digital photo frames, providing complete machines, boards and overall solutions. The company has three manufacturing bases in Shenzhen Longhua, Shenzhen Shajing and Dongguan Daling Mountain, covering an area of 21500 m² square meters. It has its own high-speed Mounter, injection molding machine, mold workshop and dust-free automatic production line. The annual production capacity of PCBA board is 2. 3 million pieces, the annual output of the intelligent terminal machine is 1. 1 million units, which can provide OEM/ODM/EMS services for world-renowned brands. At present, the company has passed the certification of quality assurance system ISO9001 and environmental certification system ISO14001, and its products have passed CE, FCC, CCC, U/L, EUP, Rohs, Reach and other certifications. The company looks forward to long-term cooperation with friends at home and abroad.
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