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Shenzhen ptksai intelligent visitor all-in-one solution

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-23
The visitor is also called the visitor automatic registration safety management system. It replaces the handwritten visit registration and uses modern information technology to truly unify personnel, certificates and photos. At present, there are three types of visitor planes on the market. Visitor classification double-screen visitor: the main display screen is used as the registration interface, and the sub-display screen player promotes the video screen or precautions. Split type: one is a split type visitor, which needs to be connected to computers, printers and other peripherals before it can be used. Single screen integrated: For the more mainstream products in the market, visitor all-in-one. This kind of visitor is a highly integrated product and can be used without connecting peripherals. The footprint is much smaller than the split visitor machine. The integrated visitor function ptksai intelligent visitor is a single-screen integrated design; It integrates document scanner, second-generation card reader, thermal printer, touch screen display, RF card issuer and computer into an integrated touch engineering computer, it has the main functions of automatic reading of second-generation ID cards, automatic extraction of ID information, issuance of cards, printing of reception orders, and automatic telephone dialing. Features of the integrated visitor: in order to meet the market demand and conform to the trend of the times, the ptksai visitor specially designed the interview in one piece, supporting various functions such as document entry, intelligent identification of information, and automatic phone calls. 1. Design of touch screen all-in-one machine: the operation is all realized by touch screen, which is simple, convenient and easy to master. Even those who do not understand computers can skillfully apply and complete business processing. 2. Registration is completed within 20 seconds: Visitors can register and record their certificates, photos, belongings, accompanying personnel and other information. Photos of visitors, vehicles, and carrying items can be taken to facilitate verification when going out. 3. Support automatic entry of multiple documents: support automatic entry of valid documents such as second-generation ID card, first-generation ID card, passport, driver's license, etc. 4. Print bar code receipts and issue temporary cards: After the registration is completed, the system can print the visit bar code receipts and hand them over to the security guard for inspection and the interviewee for signature. If the unit adopts or has a fast track, access control and other systems, it can send a temporary pass card to the visitor, and it will automatically expire after going out. 5. Intelligent Identification and Defense: The system automatically records common information for easy and quick retrieval in the future to avoid repeated entry. Wanted personnel and blacklists can be set up, and will be automatically prompted when the interviewee visits in the future. 6. Automatic telephone dialing function: the system can be directly connected to the telephone network, and can automatically find and connect the visited landline or mobile phone on the touch screen, which saves time for searching the phone, it also ensures the accuracy of the visited person. The telephone number has been treated confidentially. After using the intelligent visitor, the combination of civil air defense and technical defense enables users to realize digital registration, networked office and safety management, which is believed to greatly improve the reception efficiency, service quality and Unit Image of users. Application places government agencies, troops, enterprises, media organizations, schools, property communities, writing buildings. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise group. Its products mainly include: intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, intelligent digital photo frame, stand-alone and online advertising machine, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, video greeting card, professional clock machine, and customized electronic products for major customers. The company has three technology centers combining production, teaching and research in Xi 'an, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley of the United States. 61 engineers are engaged in software and hardware customization and development across time zones, as well as product front-end research. In 2017, the company's R & D team contributed nine innovative invention patents. The high-efficiency intelligent refrigerator and touch POS terminal developed by the company are at the advanced level of the industry. The company is also a solution company for a number of intelligent advertising machines and intelligent digital photo frames, providing complete machines, boards and overall solutions. The company has three manufacturing bases in Shenzhen Longhua, Shenzhen Shajing and Dongguan Daling Mountain, covering an area of 21500 m² square meters. It has its own high-speed Mounter, injection molding machine, mold workshop and dust-free automatic production line. The annual production capacity of PCBA board is 2. 3 million pieces, the annual output of the intelligent terminal machine is 1. 1 million units, which can provide OEM/ODM/EMS services for world-renowned brands. At present, the company has passed the certification of quality assurance system ISO9001 and environmental certification system ISO14001, and its products have passed CE, FCC, CCC, U/L, EUP, Rohs, Reach and other certifications. The company looks forward to long-term cooperation with friends at home and abroad.
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