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Shenzhen specializes in the production of intelligent person-in-one visitor aircraft manufacturers-P English

Shenzhen specializes in the production of intelligent person-in-one visitor aircraft manufacturers

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-26
At present, the number of enterprises is increasing and the number of customers visited is also increasing. In the face of visitor management, the company needs to compare functions, quality and after-sales when purchasing products, ptksai intelligent visitor has powerful functions, face recognition and good user experience, which is highly recognized by users. The system function of the ptksai intelligent visitor system of the visitor card is to edit the certificate photo OCR recognition, the second generation ID card reading function visitor card access control Association function, registration capture function automatic phone dialing function strong screen notification function two-dimensional code visitor list printing function, random multiple visitor lists, support custom two-dimensional code photo, archive, identification, relocation function data mass storage function, can be connected with the public security network registration data retrieval and statistics VIP management multi-point data sharing, network data sharing function supports multi-terminal networking use of stranded personnel information product advantage editing exclusive use of easy paper printer, convenient and efficient, exclusive use 15. 6-inch 10-point capacitive touch screen, more sensitive operation, exclusive photo OCR, faster speed, longer life, lower failure rate, independent intellectual property OCR software, easily identify the patent appearance of various certificates such as first-generation license, driver's license, military officer's license, soldier's license, integrated streamline design, perfect integration, noble and elegant issuance of visitor cards, and cooperate with open channel machines to monitor the entry and exit of all personnel, to realize the three-dimensional comprehensive prevention and control of the integrated visitor aircraft, the industry covers an area of * small, easy to place the enterprise for the customer to visit the registration which is good? Choose ptksai smart visitor. Visitor Registration It can accurately, accurately, quickly and safely record the real identity information of visitors, and standardize the management of visitor information storage. Accidents are well documented. Based on the concept of developing national brands and innovating products, the company focuses on design and application, and has unique understanding and analysis of products in various industries, successfully provided expert-level solutions for multiple industry users; In line with the concept of selling * perfect products, providing * perfect services, and realizing * perfect value innovation services, focus on providing products with excellent performance, humanized design and customized diversified solution services, which are favored by the vast number of users. The company self-service research and development visitor, witness verification machine, WeChat self-service visitor and security access overall solution, relying on the excellent function of the product, humanized design and customized diversified solutions are favored by the majority of users, and has been successfully applied to government agencies, research institutes, schools, large enterprises and other places. Since its establishment, the company has always pursued the development and management concept of mastering the core, leading the direction and achieving its dreams, pay close attention to the development direction and application fields of high and new technologies, and increase investment in software research and development. Its technical fields are involved in face recognition, intelligent access, Internet of Things applications, management cloud platforms, etc. He has obtained more than 80 patents and computer software copyrights. It has a hardware research and development laboratory with complete testing equipment, and passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, China's national compulsory product CCC certification, Ministry of Public Security and national security information authority testing and other qualification certification audits.
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