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Shenzhen vision 丨 integration terminal face recognition, face recognition all-in-one choose skills!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-17
Brands and models of face recognition machine on the market is multifarious, many oems and end users in the selection of time will be more confused, don't know how to choose the brand and model of face recognition integrated terminal? Small make up recommend face recognition in this all-in-one Scanmax/vision of the brand. Shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Science and technology adhering to the & other; Become a global Internet application solutions business leader & throughout; Vision and mission to better serve customers, is a set research and development, manufacture, sales and service in the integration of national high and new technology enterprise, is the world's Internet of things technology solutions provider, to master the core technology of face recognition machine, especially in the face recognition technology research and development, and access to markets. As a big brand, the performance of face recognition is a very trustworthy! Then for a number of OEM manufacturers and end users introduces three mainstream vision model of face recognition machine. Access control attendance dedicated F3 series terminal face recognition: the F3 is shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Science and technology research and development of a new generation of cost-effective integration terminal face recognition, the series has hanging, triangular base gate, column three versions to meet different customer needs. Living detection deep learning algorithm is applied in this product, with high accuracy, fast recognition speed, smooth operation and dynamic double anti-counterfeiting features, completely solve all kinds of pictures at all carrier of deception; F3 can fit a variety of face recognition algorithm that supports 1:1, 1: N, M: N a variety of identification model, can meet the access control attendance and other kinds of identity authentication scenarios and applications. According to different application scenarios, the flexible in how it is used, it can be used online, use single deployment and private use, small volume, light weight, easy to install. Can be widely used in offices, hotels, channel brake machine, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, community, site, public service and management of projects need to use face place of access control and attendance. Special wisdom campus entrance guard X6: face recognition machine X6 mainly for wisdom campus, intelligence community, hotels, intelligent gym OEM custom a iot applications such as high-performance face recognition machine, it USES 8 inches full view 170 & deg; IPS LCD panel, ultra-thin aluminium appearance design, and with a binocular live camera, to be able to pass automatically grab and recognition of a face, with 1:1 ratio on face information in the database at the same time, it takes only a 0. Can speed validation 1 second, the recognition accuracy is as high as 99. 99%. F5 series terminal face recognition integration: its shape is very similar with the F3, adopt new design; But the F5 face recognition performance and stronger protection grade higher, commonly used in some high-end industry field. Because of its using depth study of face recognition, face to the fixed orientation study, brush a face, the more the higher accuracy, more with more accurate, more with more smoothly. High-performance terminal face recognition because of its strong recognition performance, the other can be used in some tough industry application scenarios, such as large passenger flow through real name of the airport, passenger self-service access channels, such as subway station security scenario, the collocation of id card, passport, traffic, qr code reader, IC card can realize fast passenger real-name authentication, not only meet the safety requirements of the management unit, reduce duplication of work personnel work, and make the passengers to shorten the waiting time, safe operation with customers quickly double goals are met. Product features: dynamic double perturbation anti-counterfeiting, completely solve all kinds of pictures in a variety of fraud on carrier; Mixer infrared and RGB light at night; Mixer support external qr code scanner, id card reader; Support RS232 serial port, wiggins 26 output, output support configuration; Mixer adopts dynamic face detection, tracking, recognition algorithm based on video stream; Mixer equipment support of the local storage more than 50000 faces library; Support 1:1 face alignment, 1: N face recognition, M: N face recognition; Mixer faster recognition ( 一) Face tracking and detection about 20 ms ( b) Human face feature extraction time (around 200 ms c) Living testing face than time-consuming 0. 6 ms ( 1000 libraries, many times to identify average) , 0. 8女士( 10000 libraries, many times to identify average) ; Support public network, LAN using deployment mode, support HTTP interface docking, support the screen display content configuration; Provide data interface, access to the third party applications. At present, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Main terminal face recognition, face recognition, face recognition machine check terminals, terminal face recognition machine, access control attendance special equipment, such as face recognition products have been in the wisdom of the many new retail, wisdom, wisdom, hotels, campus fitness, smart home, intelligent medical, smart garbage sorting and other industries and government unit project scene has a very wide range of applications, such as digital solutions, and to provide the POS industry 20 years a good reputation in the industry and word of mouth, in the product price, quality and technical after-sales service has a great advantage.
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