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Shenzhen Yuanyuanda, a leading provider of barcode

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
Shenzhen Yuanda focuses on the research and development of bar code automatic identification technology, two-dimensional code module products and solutions. The company has 19 years of technical R & D strength. It has independently developed barcode reading engine, embedded scanning module, two-dimensional code scanning module, two-dimensional code scanner, face recognition equipment and other products. Relying on a most professional technical R & D team and the deep background and rich practical experience of intelligent device R & D and embedded technology, it has been committed to mobile payment core equipment and intelligence Community core equipment and other series of products have been successfully applied in many fields, including public transport, logistics and warehousing, production and manufacturing, mobile payment, unmanned supermarket, smart campus, smart community, smart medical and government units and other industries. It has become the leading manufacturer with the most R & D scale and strength in the field of automatic identification at home and abroad, won high market praise and won high-tech in 2017 Honorary title of the enterprise. It is understood that the two-dimensional code scanning module provided by Shenzhen Yuanda is a core recognition component widely used in the field of automatic recognition. It has complete and independent barcode / two-dimensional code scanning and decoding functions. It can be written into application function programs of corresponding industries according to the needs, installed and embedded into the internal matching of intelligent equipment, and expanded the 'two-dimensional code scanning'; Function: it not only has a good readability for paper code, but also optimizes the light especially for the recognition of one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode on the screen, so that it can easily read barcode under the conditions of different contrast, color and reflection degree, color film and large capacity barcode on OLED mobile screen code. Vision automatic identification product promotion 1. Lv3085 barcode reading engine lv3085 two-dimensional barcode reading engine can quickly read one-dimensional / two-dimensional barcode of paper / screen. The product has good barcode reading performance, high integration, low power consumption, small size and good cost performance. It is very suitable for embedded in PDA equipment, POS equipment, tablet equipment and all kinds of light and thin equipment. 2. Lv3000 series two-dimensional code scanning module lv3000 is an embedded code scanning module, which adopts CMOS image technology and the international leading level vision two-dimensional barcode intelligent image recognition system. Lv3000 can easily read barcode on paper, magnetic card and other media, with strong reading performance. It can be easily embedded in a variety of OEM products (including hand-held, portable and fixed barcode collector). At the same time, lv3000 provides users with rich secondary development functions, including fully open graphic acquisition interface, original interface and I / O operation interface, and users can easily use the SDK provided by vista to solve their personalized needs. 3. Lv3296 image QR code reading engine lv3296 is an image QR code scanning module specially designed for OEM of miniaturized handset manufacturer. Compact volume, powerful scanning performance, unique fully integrated design complete integrated image acquisition, lighting aiming and decoder in a very small space, adopting independent core technology, greatly reducing operating power consumption and extending the service life of the equipment; it can be installed in hand-held terminals such as payment scanning gun, PDA data collector, medical equipment, AGM, meter reading equipment and industrial flat panel, etc 。 4. Lv4200 series QR code scanning module lv4200 series QR code scanning module adopts the self-developed intelligent core decoding technology, and provides users with rich secondary development functions, including providing users with fully open image acquisition interface, original data interface and I / O With the operation interface, users can use the SDK provided by vista to easily solve their personalized needs; it specially adjusts the screen bar code, which can adapt to the low brightness and large amount of screen bar codes with various film stickers. It can be easily embedded and integrated into various OEM products, such as: intelligent access control, access gate, integrated bus code scanning machine and independent ordering machine. 5. Lv4500 series two-dimensional code scanners lv4500 series two-dimensional code scanners have R, l, s, t, I, 4500-20 and other versions to meet the needs of different customers, and can be adapted to all walks of life. Strong decoding performance, easy to read the QR code / barcode information of paper, plastic card, mobile phone / iPad and other electronic screens, and the scanning distance also meets the needs of short-range, medium-range and long-distance scanning according to different versions; there are 4 auxiliary lighting white lights built in, 4 large-range automatic sensing lights, and the sensing scanning range is wider; the efficiency is doubled, no matter in white bar night, as long as there is barcode trigger Can read; wide range wide-angle scanning, scanning speed up to 300 times / second, the module reading performance has reached the international advanced level; especially in the processing of scanning light, it has also achieved the ultimate, can make intelligent light supplement and optimization through the surrounding environment and the brightness of the mobile screen, play its maximum scanning effect; it provides USB and RS232 mainstream interface, compatible with various systems. Modular design of core functions, installation requires only a small space, which is easy to be embedded and integrated into vending machine, self-service doll machine, hotel check-in self-service machine, self-service payment equipment, access gate machine, logistics express cabinet and other terminals.
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