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Slow to watch! ShangChen invite you into the 2019 annual meeting of the POS industry of China

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-06
In 2019, facing the unpredictable and changeable market environment, pos machine industry enterprises how to break through? The profit space will be squeezed, under the background of marketing channel is seized, the agent can only resigned? In front of the industry situation is more and more difficult, you of a depressed storm, was erected across the determination or believe cross-combination of opportunities? In 2020, the barriers to how to solve, the direction of the industry how to avoid risk? In December, hundreds of industry colleagues and POS machine industry experts and scholars will be gathered, answers one by one for you. On December 19, sponsored by the China POS network in 2019, the third China POS industry conference in guangzhou from Lin was held at the holiday inn. News up to now, the personage inside course of study to participate. Annual meeting held the annual meeting and the second industry usher in the industry more than most. Guangzhou ShangChen electronics co. , LTD is one of them. It is reported that guangzhou ShangChen electronics co. , LTD. Is a focus on the information such as bar code automatic identification equipment, data acquisition terminal equipment research and development, production and sales, service, and is committed to be the leading technology and services within the territory of the enterprise. ShangChen pay attention to scientific research and innovation, established a complete r&d system; Adhering to the & other; Advanced technology & throughout; Development strategy, in product design, decoding algorithm on the research and development adhere to the road of independent innovation, made a number of leading in the industry. ShangChen has earned nearly 50 patents of invention and utility model patents, exterior design patents, copyright and other intellectual property rights, and in 2016 was identified as national high and new technology enterprise and double soft enterprise. ShangChen, meanwhile, to fully meet customer demand, create value for customers is the focus of attention, to manufacture and provide good quality product for the customer, established the customer service and outlets throughout the domestic provinces and Europe marketing service center, provide thoughtful pre-sale after-sales service for the customer. ShangChen with persistence for many years of scientific research innovation and quality, the service control, the diversification of performance excellence products of the company has won recognition and trust of the customers at home and abroad. ShangChen laser gun, a d multi-line laser scanning platform, a one-dimensional red CCD, two-dimensional image module, two-dimensional handheld scanner, scanner sweep, payment code box of make out an invoice, data acquisition terminal and other products have full access to retail, manufacturing, postal service, logistics, medical, tobacco, oil, bank, agricultural product traceability and other application fields, and best-selling domestic provinces and cities and in Europe, Africa, South America and southeast Asia and other dozens of countries. “ Honors witness strength, strength castmagnificently & throughout; 。 ShangChen several hundred industry colleagues at the annual meeting, waiting around you! “ Time in a hurry, throughout years may wrinkle the &; Annual meeting, in 2019 the third China POS machine industry's horn has been in a mighty long blew. How can you know you don't come, break through the industry present situation, the best solution to solve the industry dilemma? At present, the annual meeting of the registration activities are in full swing, numerous companies and agents are in warm consulting we signed up for. What are you waiting for? Quickly picked up his cell phone in the hands of our registration hotline! A feast to the annual meeting of the site, the high-profile industry is light or fire? You will get the answer! Warm prompt: the registration details, please focus on China POS network number: public & other; The POS network subscription number ( pos580com) Or service number ( pos580cn) ” In public, and number the following menu & other; Throughout the exhibition meeting &; The & in the other The annual meeting of the registration & throughout; To sign up. Or directly reply & other; The annual meeting & throughout; Two words to open the application form and the annual meeting of the invitation letter. There is a problem in the process of registration, please contact Chen wei WeChat: 17710714095 ( Phone number with) 。
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