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'Small' cloud printing, indispensable _ printing device

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
In today's very common self-help cashier, cloud printing assistant can be described as indispensable. On the outside, it is just a thin sheet of white paper, but its function is essential, otherwise it will easily cause unnecessary disputes between consumers and merchants. More stable, fixed, more suitable and integrated Eprt W1 function stability comprehensive upgrade superior hardware Foundation, more outstanding printing support function key fine optimization, simpler operation, it is easier to use the core hardware networking module, WIFI and Ethernet, to meet the needs of multi-scenario use. Cloud printers are stylish and compact in appearance and have several characteristics: 1. Cloud printers support wireless communication, let the printer self-networking become an independent terminal, no need to connect the computer, no need to consider the wiring problem, can be arranged in any location with the store. 2, print data transmission through the Internet, not limited by distance, to achieve remote printing. 3. Cloud printing adopts the leak-proof mechanism. Due to the failure of external forces such as network disconnection and power failure, the data is automatically stored in the cloud server and automatically replayed after returning to normal.
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