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Small POS also has new gameplay! How does ptksai play with the cashier?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-28
Mobile payment can be said to be a new 'four great inventions' in China. After several years of development, it has become an indispensable part of modern life. However, for some merchants, credit card payment still occupies an important position. A un statistic predicts that by 2019, the use of payment cards will still account for about half of the total, which also shows that credit cards will remain the mainstream in the next five years. It is inseparable from the credit card, of course, the docking POS service. Generally, the traditional POS is aimed at professional merchants, and the application for opening requires strict standards and complicated processes. In the era of mobile intelligence, with more and more small merchants, it is obvious that traditional pos can no longer meet the increasingly diversified market demand. Facing the huge market demand, the leading domestic third-party payment enterprise cloud payment data has launched a new intelligent POS mobile credit card payment service--Ptksai smart POS. Ptksai intelligent POS application does not require complicated processes and materials, and even individual users can quickly apply for opening in a few minutes. In terms of payment, ptksai supports various channels such as UnionPay cards, WeChat, Alipay and Huabai, catering to all credit card payment methods in the current market. In terms of mobile payment, ptksai intelligent POS is connected through Bluetooth, does not need data cable, is equipped with mobile phone client, and has basic payment functions such as electronic bill signing, account checking, transfer, second arrival, etc; At the same time, ptksai also has a variety of intelligent functions such as mobile phone recharge, credit card repayment, and Living Payment. The credit card consumption ratio has points, and both users and merchants can meet their diversified needs. What is more worth mentioning is that ptksai intelligent POS will not have the same code skipping problem as other machines. At the same time as the local merchants, Bibi has points. In addition, ptksai also has a unique driving violation function, which is absolutely practical for car owners. Ptksai is small in size and can be put into your pocket to collect money anytime and anywhere. Mobile payment is closely combined with credit card payment. The comprehensive and intimate additional auxiliary functions enable small and micro businesses to enjoy the ultimate service and cash register experience at any time. Since its launch, ptksai intelligent POS has provided fast and convenient services to tens of thousands of users. With its own characteristics and diversified functions, the member Department has established an excellent reputation in the market. Even so, ptksai products and the technical service personnel behind them have not stopped from here, and are still constantly exploring and innovating to provide users with safer and more convenient payment methods. In the cash register, ptksai's goal is not to let the merchant miss any user, easily collect money, and worry-free money.
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