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Smart canteen conforms to the trend of the times POS industry is constantly advancing towards digit English

'Smart canteen' conforms to the trend of the times. POS industry is constantly advancing towards digitalization

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
Smart canteen refers to the canteen management system covering the whole process of canteen management, aiming at different canteen dining scenes, conforming to the trend of the mobile Internet era, and innovating to create a convenient canteen dining mode. This model can provide new 'for diners. Mobile Internet' Information service helps the canteen to abandon the drawbacks of traditional catering management, go directly to the core of operation management, and build an Internet with advanced concept and advanced technology from the inside out. Intelligence is only a means, experience is the purpose. Customers only need to order a little on the screen to complete a series of processes such as table selection, ordering, checkout, etc. One by one, the cute robots delivered the food to the table, and the kitchen was empty, only the huge machine arms kept frying. . . . . . In the past, scenes that only existed in science fiction movies became a reality with the emergence of smart canteens in 2018. For example, the time-honored brand Wu fangzhai teamed up with Ali Koubei APP to create its first'No one wisdom canteen'; Zhou Heiya and WeChat jointly created'Smart Store' Debut in Shenzhen, support face brushing, praise payment; Jingdong's first'Future canteen' Appearance in Tianjin, providing robot service and dish making. Haidilao, which has become a listed company, is not content with the status quo and always wants to change its pattern to attract customers. In October 2018, Haidilao opened a'Smart canteen'. Entering the canteen, the huge screen in the allele area is conspicuous. Scanning the two-dimensional code on the screen can participate in the small game independently developed by Haidilao, and can also see the number arrangement in real time. From the cherry blossoms flying all over the sky to the Snowy Mountains and then to the vast starry sky, all-round projection can transform different scenes, giving customers a full sense of freshness. Intelligent food warehouse, is a 0 °-Constant temperature warehouse at 4℃,'Garnish mechanical arm' Grab the corresponding dishes from the warehouse according to the order content. How to accurately identify dishes? It depends on RFID at the bottom of the plate (Radio frequency identification) Chip, which records food information, can help the canteen find and deal with expired food in time. In addition, the store is equipped with multiple intelligent food delivery robots, intelligent dishwashers and other high-tech equipment. Considerate service has always been the trump card of Haidilao. Industry insiders said that robots can not only improve work efficiency and reduce mistakes, but also liberate manpower. The liberated manpower can be engaged in jobs that cannot be replaced by machines, such as communication with customers. Analysis based on big data is the key to canteen intelligence. An integrated data analysis platform collects user information from chain stores for data analysis and provides corresponding operational planning suggestions for different stores. At present, Internet users are mostly young people. With the development of science and technology and the change of people's ideas, the Internet user group will continue to expand in the future, which makes the POS industry quickly move closer to intelligent digitalization, in order to adapt to the new situation of scientific and technological development. It is expected that in the next 3 to 5 years, intelligent technology will penetrate the POS industry in a large area, thus affecting the entire POS industry. Promoting high-quality development, improving quality and increasing efficiency are still the themes of the current reform and development of POS industry. Under the background of the development of Internet science and technology, the current 5G era is coming, and the application scope of digital technology is getting wider and wider. POS industry, as a signboard intelligent device, is promoting the Internet and logistics cold chain technology, through the combination of online and offline, new growth points will be discovered.
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