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Smart canteen guards students food and beverage safety and opens a new mode of face brushing consump English

'Smart canteen' guards students' food and beverage safety and opens a new mode of 'face brushing' consumption

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
Students are the future of the motherland. The Student era is in the period of growth and development, and the good growth of brain and physical strength at this time is of vital importance to students, therefore, it is necessary to provide them with sufficient and balanced nutrition supply. School canteen managers should pay more attention to this point, and choosing the right management method is the most important. Here, Xiao Bian recommends Nanjing maverick Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. Smart canteen'. 'Smart canteen' The solution is a standardized group meal information solution, designed ERP management, intelligent hardware, mobile payment, face payment, etc. You can imagine the whole process of information services from procurement, sales, business analysis, etc. Intelligent dining table, intelligent dining plate, intelligent dining! In the traditional canteen mode, students basically have to queue up for more than 10 minutes before they can swipe their cards to eat rice for a long time. Some schools prohibit students from carrying mobile phones and cannot use social catering to generally use mobile scanning codes to pay, while'Smart canteen' The solution adopts face payment, no need to use a card, no need for a mobile phone, avoiding the waste of money caused by high card loss rate and high card failure rate, and reducing the queue length, the dining efficiency is improved. At present, many schools have applied'Smart canteen' , And have achieved good results, the response is very good. Basically completed the collection of face information, opened'Brush face'New patterns of consumption. The quality of raw materials for dishes affects every link of canteen management. Through'Smart canteen' Data collection, analysis and information technology, we can understand the situation of the food from the farmland to the table every pass, to ensure that the students eat the food is safe and carefree. The original traceability will naturally reduce the occurrence of food safety accidents. 'Smart canteen' Brought students, parents, canteens, schools'Sifang win-win', Consolidate the confidence in the construction of campus informatization. In the future, the POS industry will also build more information scenarios based on automatic identification to make campus life more intelligent.
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