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Smart cash register can also realize the restaurant management optimization 丨 wisdom path of food and beverage sales

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
According to statistics, Chinese take-out market sales have more than 400 billion yuan, thanks to the diverse types of restaurants and developed efficient delivery orders and delivery services. Restaurant offers takeaway service can broaden the sales channel, restaurant cash register have take-out meet monofunctional basic also become standard on the cash register. Recently, I saw an interesting article, there is now a professional take-out planner, responsible for take-out restaurant stores provide visual design, copywriting optimization, data checking and marketing this kind of service, improve the delivery orders and sales. It is said, take-away planner can income a year hundreds of thousands of, the highest even reach millions more. Take-away planners work value in where? Is mainly reflected in one word: data. Through restaurant cash register data collected by understanding what pictures, the advertisement can attract most customer orders, at the same time also can know what's the best meal set can promote the rate of delivery order. Foreign sell planner, each set action has its effect, for example, try to let the customer order within 1 minute, discount food package can't be too complicated, and attractive discounts to customers, but also to ensure that businesses do not lose. Have a takeaway planners had helped a cantonese fast food restaurant takeout strategy, by adjusting the food package, sales from 80 yuan to 500 yuan a day a day every day, sometimes there are too many delivery orders, the boss have to temporarily store. Now some high-end restaurant take-away cash register actually can realize such function, can support polymerization, brush face payment, delivery orders, group-buying cancel after verification, combo set, purchase, sales and inventory management, can let the restaurant operators flexible adjustment of marketing strategy, promote the restaurant food sales. To adapt to a variety of food and beverage order cashier scene, but also can generate intelligence reports, let the store know more about restaurant management. Take-out on the connecting line, is a restaurant, customers and suppliers of collaborative sales platform, through the intelligent data to guide the cash register, adjust business strategy, create a new road of the catering sales wisdom.
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