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Smart cash registers using the records at the scene of the snack shop

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
On December 10, early in the morning, is popular the supermarket checkout have several customers waiting in line, the shopkeeper Zhang Jianbian scan code, edge, click on the register screen, the check for everyone with a smile, busy busy. To come to visit the customer manager li see this scene, the in the mind is filled with a sense of achievement. Want to know, just a few months ago, let alone use at present the most popular smart cash registers, zhang jian is a don't even willing to use online ordering, inter-bank settlement of & other; Old & throughout; 。 “ Xiao li, you're here! You see, I now this smart cash register already very skilled operation? ” See Li Qing walked into the store, Zhang Jianxiao hello way. “ Brother, you didn't have to say this operation. I said yes, the cash register terminal sweep the yard, efficiency much higher than before? ” Li Qing clear answer. “ That is, are now popular new retail, I this & lsquo; Old & rsquo; Don't learn advanced sales approach, really can't keep up with the pace of The Times! ” Zhang jian said excitedly, & other; Xiao li, really thank you let me change the management idea, use this high-tech product, compared to the past, I the day is almost double the sales. Flicking code gun a price even out, don't worry about wrong account, money velocity is much faster than before, how much more when I register customer checkout the intelligence not only can sweep the yard, also has a brush like tide directly face can checkout, customer use brush a face, now there's a bit of profit on my side, is a high-tech, if this in the past we really dare to think. ” After installation using the cash register, the shopkeeper reap the benefits of the information management, zhang jian he every night to look at the statistics, the day's sales, plainly what goods sell well, the be clear at a glance what inventory is insufficient, will never again need to inventory goods and replenishment, check wrong to wait for things to worry about money. Today, the former & other; Old & throughout; Under Li Qing clear guidance to help, not only to use the cash register, also used currently on the market the most advanced can brush face pay intelligent double screen cash register, he has also established the surrounding customers, targeted to carry out business, regularly to old customers recommend the necessities, in the supermarket business is thriving.
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