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Smart city develops ptksai technology New Products

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-03
I. Overview of the development of smart cities in China (I) Smart city definition smart city is based on the Internet, Internet of Things, wireless broadband network, etc. , widely and deeply promote the development and construction of various information systems and the integration, sharing, development and utilization of data resources, the intelligent city formed by ubiquitous interconnection, comprehensive perception and comprehensive application is a new concept and mode to promote the intellectualization of urban planning, construction, management and service. With the implementation of the network power strategy, the national big data strategy, the Internet Action Plan and the continuous development of the construction of Digital China, cities have been given new connotations and requirements, accelerate the new journey to a new smart city. The new smart city is mainly aimed at serving the people all the time, efficient and orderly urban governance, open and inclusive data sharing, green and open source economic development, and safe and clear cyberspace, through system planning, information-oriented, reform and innovation, we will promote the deep integration and iterative evolution of the new generation of information technology and urban modernization, and realize a new ecology of coordinated development between the state and the city. (II)Characteristics of smart city development in China 1. The government has invested for a long time and the development trend of the industry has continued to improve. At present, the major provincial and municipal governments in China have attached great importance to the construction of smart cities, they have promoted it to the strategic level of promoting regional scientific development, taking the lead in development and sustainable development, giving support to talents, funds and administrative coordination. Although each city has its own emphasis on the construction of smart cities, on the whole, there are still laws to follow, that is, to issue corresponding policies and preferential conditions around the overall development strategy of the city, clarify the key points and development paths of smart city construction, and realize the organic unity of smart city and the overall development strategy of the city. With the rise of smart cities as a national strategy, governments at all levels in China have continuously increased their investment in smart cities in various regions of the country, and the overall development trend of the smart city industry has continued to improve, it has become the main way to resolve urban diseases such as environmental pollution, insufficient public services and traffic jams. With the rapid development of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet and other technologies, smart cities will continue to release development momentum and promote the vigorous development of related industries. 2. Giants are competing for layout, new business forms and new models are constantly emerging. Smart cities have brought about changes in global cities and unlimited business opportunities. Internet Giants at home and abroad have made great efforts to lay out and seize the commanding heights of the industry, new business and new models are constantly emerging. Major Internet companies at home and abroad focus on the layout of the field. In recent years, under the drive of Internet companies represented by Baidu, Ali, Tencent, etc. , China's traditional manufacturers represented by Gree, Chang 'an, etc, entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises represented by Xiaomi and Cobos have been accelerating the layout of the smart city industry, which has become a new driving force for the birth of new business models; In the future, with the continuous development of various enterprises, the connotation and extension of smart city services will be further enriched and improved, and the industry development will enter a new stage. 3. In order to meet the application needs of various subjects and different business fields, the smart city industrial chain has been continuously expanded and extended with the joint efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, vertically from upstream R & D design, production and manufacturing to downstream * end consumers and users, horizontally expanding from e-government, Smart Medical, smart education, smart transportation, smart tourism and other hot fields to smart parks, smart agriculture, smart factories, industrial Internet and other application fields, the industrial chain is developing in depth. With the boundaries of various hardware equipment manufacturing, network communication, software and information services, system integration and operation services in the industrial chain links being continuously blurred and integrated, leading enterprises in the industrial chain link promote the continuous deepening of the integration of multi-industries, multi-technologies and multi-fields by adjusting and optimizing the relationship between relevant enterprises. While improving the operation efficiency of the entire industrial chain, effectively promote the sustainable development of the industry. (III) Progress in smart city construction in China and typical cases 1. The number of smart cities continues to increase. Since the beginning of the process of building smart cities, China has intensively issued a large number of policy documents and key measures, and has successively established hundreds of smart city construction demonstration projects, smart Medical, smart education, smart tourism, smart transportation, smart communities, smart public security and many other specific applications have landed. The development process of China's smart city construction. At present, smart cities in the eastern, central and western regions of China are showing a differentiated development trend, with the development of various fields in the eastern region * as the balance, the intersection areas of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the eastern coastal economic belt * are concentrated. With the increasing number, China's status as the world's main test site has further improved, and the role of smart cities in promoting supply-side structural reforms, new urbanization and sustainable and healthy development of cities has become increasingly prominent. 2. The construction level of smart cities is continuously improving. The development of smart cities covers four stages: digitalization, networking, intelligence and intelligence. At present, most cities in our country have passed the second stage, A small number of cities have begun to move towards the stage of intelligence and intelligence, and the overall construction level has been continuously improved. For the application of wisdom in some areas, judging from the specific construction content, the construction progress of public platforms and basic libraries in most pilot cities is more than half, key projects such as digital city management, wireless network, smart environmental protection, smart transportation, smart community, government service system, smart security, underground pipeline and space comprehensive management, and green building have been further improved, the process of building a smart city is accelerating. Article link: China security exhibition network smart city development ptksai technology new product smart city development ptksai technology New Product
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