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'Smart City' 'smart' smart life, smart community, smart family!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
Smart life, smart community, smart family about'Wisdom'The phrases are endless,'Smart City'The wave of construction began to rise. Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other cities have all put forward relevant'Smart Community' The transformation plan, artificial intelligence constantly breaking into people's lives, is quietly changing people's way of life. Community Access management should include pedestrian access equipment (Such as swing gate, speed gate, electric gate, etc) , Face recognition system, management server, video server, access monitoring camera, hard disk video recorder and other equipment; With a small area Card, authorized two-dimensional code, ID card physical card number, password and other opening methods; The recognition system should be able to support a library capacity of not less than 50 thousand faces. The machine cannot open the door if it cannot retrieve the FACE image. ' Xiao Shiquan, manager of the security department of world trade Yayuan, said that there are 1100 households in the world trade Yayuan Community, with a large flow of people. The face recognition system can effectively solve the problem of outsiders following into the community. At present, the Smart Access control system has collected 95% of household face information. Residents are free to enter and exit, so what about visiting guests and takeout brothers? To this end, this set of access control management system that can recognize faces also provides a set of more humanized solutions. Visitors dial the household mobile phone number through the Smart Access control system, and the other party's mobile phone can receive the real-time remote monitoring screen, and the door lock can be opened after confirmation. If the outsiders are not well controlled and supervised, and they are allowed to enter and exit, it will affect the quality of life in the community. If it is a dangerous element, it may also directly damage the community environment, or steal related property, etc. , causing huge losses. Therefore, if you choose the visiting passenger plane connected to the public security network, you can avoid this worry. Once the dangerous elements visit, they will have an early warning text message sent to the manager's mobile phone to shut it out.
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