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Smart Community security system consists of three parts

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-02
Technology helps the construction of smart communities focus on three parts. So, how does the security network open up in the construction of smart communities? Which technologies are used? This article will talk about security technology in smart community from three levels: Community, corridor and family. The smart community security system consists of three parts. For the prevention and control of the overall scope of the community, on the one hand, a safe area is designated for the community through fences, patrols, etc. , and on the other hand, checkpoints are set at the entrances and exits to do a good job of management and control. In addition to the traditional fence, the residential fence is usually equipped with electronic fence to prevent illegal invasion. With blocking as the main factor and alarm as the auxiliary factor, it can alarm the community safety monitoring department at * time when someone maliciously invades or climbs the community fence. At the same time, a 360-degree no-dead-angle monitoring and electronic patrol system will be set up in the community to detect dangers and eliminate hidden dangers in time. In addition, when an accident occurs, the community security system can also help residents quickly find out the truth. The smart community security system consists of three parts. The management of the entrance and exit of the community is divided into two parts: personnel management and vehicle management. In terms of personnel management, with the extensive promotion of biometric technology and the maturity of system integration, personnel channel management can be entered after passing various authentication methods such as IC card, ID card, fingerprint, two-dimensional code, face recognition or integration of human and card, which can automatically identify the owners and permanent residents of the community without manual operation by the owners, the system automatically opens the door and lights the corresponding floor after confirmation. The intelligent access control design of personnel is convenient for owners to enter and exit while preventing unauthorized personnel from entering, and can also count the number of personnel entering and leaving. Based on biometric applications such as face recognition, it provides safer and more convenient access management methods for owners and visitors. The smart community security system consists of three parts: Vehicle Management. The smart parking system can not only identify vehicle information and control the entry and exit of vehicles, but also manage the entry and exit of vehicles to assist residents to quickly stop and find cars. It mainly combines technology with technology, establishes intelligent monitoring bayonet, collects owner's license plate and car face information in advance, and the entrance and exit system supports efficient vehicle identification linkage gate release, it also supports the pre-registered license plate recognition release of visitors without re-verification, and the visitor information can be pushed to the interviewee's visual intercom indoor unit. It not only changes the single identification method, but also realizes the interaction among people, cars and bayonet, and can be connected to the social security system, which is convenient for public security prevention and control inspection, more importantly, it has improved the accuracy and timeliness of cracking down on illegal acts involving vehicles and better maintained social stability. With the state's request for an open community, the community Wall as a security guarantee will soon be weakened, and the community unit door will become a direct household security pass. The main purpose of the entrance guard subsystem for the Corridor unit door is to control the access rights of personnel and to enter by swiping cards one by one. Only authorized people can enter the controlled area door group, fully protect the privacy and safety of owners. At the same time, visitors call the owner, who can see not only the visitor video of the unit door, but also the surveillance video around the unit door to fully understand the site conditions. The corridor security access control system can adopt a variety of access control methods to control users at multiple levels and has a network real-time monitoring function. One person, one card, in and out of the building, people have taken pictures, focusing on personnel (Vulnerable groups, high-risk fugitives)Track record analysis. If criminals have entered the community, the video surveillance subsystem distributed in every corner of the corridor can play a role as an eye to guard the safety of the grassroots. Home security is mainly composed of three parts, among which, the home wireless sensor network, the Internet and the monitoring terminal correspond to the sensing layer, the network layer and the application layer of the internet of things in turn. Security sensors generally include monitoring cameras, gas sensors, human body sensors, infrared detectors, vibration sensors, door and window anti-theft detectors, alarm buttons, etc. They are all used as a node of wireless sensor networks, using Bluetooth, wifi, zigbee and other wireless communication technologies to access, a large number of sensors ensure family safety in all directions. If an infrared sensor probe is set up in the living room, an alarm will be given immediately when an unexpected guest enters, and the central control room will be connected to inform the security guard in time. The emergency alarm button located next to the master bedroom switch can be touched in case of emergency, and the security guard enters an emergency state to provide rescue services. In addition, mobile devices such as mobile phones and platform computers have become an essential part of home security. In the event of illegal invasion, fire, gas leakage and other abnormal situations, the intelligent sensor will send out alarm signals and transmit the signals to the residential property management center, alarm center and residents' mobile phones through the home center, notify security personnel to arrive at the scene in time. At the same time, residents can remotely monitor and visualize intercom through mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers.
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