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smile, you\re on camera new facial recognition system at shanghai airport allows travellers to check English

smile, you\'re on camera! new facial recognition system at shanghai airport allows travellers to check in and pass security in minutes

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-28
Passengers traveling through Shanghai Hongqiao Airport can now choose to check automatically-
In the process of using facial recognition technology.
Three after Monday\'s announcement
The new Terminal 1 of the airport has been built for a year and is now equipped with self-service
Service kiosks that allow travelers to complete the launch-to-
End the automated process from check-in to baggage labeling, security checks, and boarding.
The move is part of an ambitious plan --
China\'s facial recognition system has raised privacy concerns as Beijing pushes to become a global leader in the field.
This is the first time the country has implemented a fully automatic system at the airport, according to CCTV, adding that the whole process can be completed in a few minutes.
Airports in Beijing and Nanyang in Central China\'s Henan province are also making similar efforts.
There are 28 self-helpservice check-
According to the China International Aviation Administration, 18 baggage labeling machines are available for passengers to print tickets and luggage labels after scanning their passports or identity cards.
After scanning the ID card, biometric technology matches the facial features with the photos in the government database.
At present, only people holding Chinese ID cards can use the technology, and the equipped counter can still be used at the time of inspectionin.
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is one of the two main airports in Shanghai, mainly serving domestic and regional flights, with limited international flights.
\"This is the first time China has realized itself.
Service for the whole inspection-
In the process, Zhang Zheng, general manager of the spring and autumn aviation ground service department, said that spring and autumn Airlines was the first airline to adopt the system at Hongqiao Airport.
Spring Airlines said passengers had been automatically inspected.
In the system, 87 of the 5,017 people who took the airline flight on Monday used the self-help flight
Service kiosks that reduce checks
In less than a minute and a half.
Facial recognition is entering daily life in Greater China.
Mainland police have used facial recognition systems to identify people of interest in the crowd and arrest people who have been crossing the road. At present, the mainland police are committed to the development of a national surveillance camera data integrated system.
The Chinese media is full of various reports.
Expand the application: in a KFC branch in Hangzhou, close to Shanghai, it is possible to pay with facial recognition technology;
Schools that use facial recognition cameras to monitor students\' class responses;
Hundreds of ATMs in Macau are equipped with facial recognition equipment,laundering.
However, in a country where there is a lack of rules on how governments use biometric data, increasing convenience may come at a cost.
Maya Wang, a senior researcher at China\'s Human Rights Watch, said authorities are using biometrics and artificial intelligence to record and track people for social control purposes.
\'We are concerned about the integration and use of more and more facial recognition technologies across the country, because it provides authorities with more and more data points to track people, \'he said.
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