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Store cashier system choice, cashier system's ranking is one of the direction!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-18
According to statistics, in 2015, a total of 6700 small and medium-sized retail enterprises across the country, according to research, including 70% of stores not using cashier system, in other words, this means that there are 46. 96 million small and medium-sized enterprises need to establish the information system. Some people say that the development of electricity, stole the entity shop in the spring, only the cold winter. But according to the last two years, today, the entity stores are still growing, and on the market, closely related to the cashier system products are wide variety of rendering gradually, therefore, for the store owner, consider the use which system have become the most headache thing, whether it can be according to the rankings on market system to choose more appropriate own good? Many cashier system appears to be the same, but actually there is a big difference, choose the cashier system, ranked only one direction, set up shop as a boss, you need to do full considerations, cashier system is an important part of the store, good cashier software, determines the efficiency of daily store operations. Therefore, choose the cashier system, can go to choose from multiple. A, according to the search engine rankings as is known to all, the search engine is a very powerful medium, as long as you search for content, can quickly get what you want to know the answer, including cashier system, many bosses shop, basic will be in a hurry to search engines to find the answer, the search is certainly true, but as a first step, the product could be from the perspective of the ranking of search engine, now thought communication software, thought the newsletter day shop, like a cloud of arteries and veins, guest, silver leopard, Meituan etc. These products are in the front; Second, according to the awareness of the product is good, can also from the point of enterprise well-knownness, endorsed by big enterprises, products are often not very poor, after all, bad products, for the whole enterprise image is bad, in addition, the product safety protection. Cashier system plays a key role in stores, security and confidentiality need to be strong enough, like thinking fast, these enterprises, such as pulse are listed companies; Three, according to industry classification from the point of industry classification, basically, the cashier system on the market have application development involves many areas, such as fast days store cashier system, divided into retail and catering, think fast days store application in the field of retail is very severe, word of mouth is very good, and like Meituan catering system is better; Four, according to the product from the product point of view, the function of the cashier system as a whole is not too much, pipe shop, after all, the most basic, some simple function at first, but the only different is the highlight of their function, this depends on the development of the enterprise investment, such as fast days store cashier system, retail version only standard system, suitable for small and functional requirements of the few stores, with the development of the stores demand increasing, days store retail version upgrade continuously, now divided into standard and upgrade version star yao, powerful functions, application stores can choose according to requirements; Five, according to the price from the price, despite the large stores, small and medium-sized stores application system is the low price, a few hundred to several thousand, of course, there are free, how to choose a good, or see your boss needs, such as from the point of the budget, you need a few hundred, but also meet the demand of development of stores, so many cashier software, you can choose to try to say again first. Coupled with the budget decisions. The option is that you, but in the long run, be sure to choose to suit their own! Anyhow, cashier system is essential in the development of the stores to choose, how to choose, each have their own way, whether online to find, or asking friends, choose appropriate own stores is the best.
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