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Stores open, customers like cloud come, customers

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-27
Nowadays, with the rapid development of social economy and technology, people's demand is increasing day by day, and the pressure of competition in all walks of life is increasing dramatically. The POS industry attached to AI technology is no exception. If it can't keep up with the pace of the times, it will be abandoned by the times. Therefore, POS industry manufacturers are constantly improving themselves, bringing forth new technology and changing products to meet people's needs and cope with the changing market. In 2019, POS industry develops rapidly, especially since the face recognition technology has entered into commercial use, the competition of brush face payment equipment manufacturers is huge, and all major enterprises are constantly innovating their own products. Ke Ruyun is one of them. In October 2019, it launched 8 new POS hardware products. The released series of products are updated and iterated on the basis of some products. At the same time, it also launched industry solutions for different formats. The hardware products launched by Ke Ruyun include: onpos 2C intelligent cash register, onpos Mini 2C intelligent cash register, kiosk tower 2 vertical self-service cash register, on KDS 2 + KDS OS kitchen display system, on Dashboard of dashboard headquarters, Hongyun 2 intelligent cash register, Hongyun 2W intelligent cash register and weighing machine (applicable to retail), Hongyun 2F (including face recognition camera) intelligent cash register are 8 POS products in total. The product has been greatly improved in terms of safety. Fully import e-fuse technology, eliminate the brush machine, and ensure the data security of merchants. It is worth mentioning that face recognition technology has been added to all products, which is meeting the market demand under the condition of prevailing face painting payment. In terms of usage times, printer life, code scanning times, PCBA aging time, key life, switching times, etc., the new product has also been comprehensively optimized and upgraded to maximize the service life. In the aspect of code scanning, Ke Ruyun has also carried out iterative upgrading. The number of code scanning has been optimized from 300000 times to 500000 times, the PCBA aging time has been optimized from December to 18 months, the key life has been optimized from 10000 times to 15000 times, and the number of machine switching has been optimized from 10000 times to 20000 times. In terms of power consumption, it is also 31.25% lower than before and more environmentally friendly. In terms of technology, the appearance of the two new products adopts the latest spraying technology, with more uniform surface treatment, higher gloss and no yellowing for a long time. The spraying surface is more compact, and the surface hardness is increased from 1H to 3H. It is durable and suitable for multiple scenes. In depth industry solutions to meet the needs of different formats. In addition to the new hardware product release, SaaS products also grandly launched new functions with in-depth industry solutions. Five new functions of in-depth industry solutions have been launched by customer Ruyun SaaS product software: 1. For the rapid expansion of tea and beverage industry, customer Ruyun has launched a drink version solution. It has an efficient order ordering system, which provides a full range of call and pick-up meal, cashier self-service program, and can also cooperate with small programs to order meals, improving the dining experience of customers. By installing the large screen system of guest display, it can provide the opportunity of beverage display and interactive marketing for the merchants. In addition, the report management of beverage version is different from that of Industry Standard Version, including the implementation of unique practices, ingredients, cup statistics, etc., which can be presented to the manager through visual data to help the manager understand the status quo and continuously help the procurement optimization. 2. Hot pot version aims at the hot pot industry with strong development at present. Through research, Ke Ruyun found that the hot pot dining process involves more complicated links, but it is also a place that can embody delicacy and humanization. For this reason, in the hot pot solution released this time, various functions such as self-service order of dipping dishes according to the number of people, priority order of the bottom of the pot, recommended time length of washing materials, reminder of adding soup to the bottom of the pot, delivery and distribution settings, and recycling of the pot are all functions developed around the current scene of the hot pot, comprehensively helping to improve the efficiency of operation and management of the hot pot format. 3. According to the characteristics of the western food industry, customer cloud has launched the western food solution, which includes the functions of ordering according to the seat number, setting the order of serving, over-time reminder of dishes, automatic generation of AA bill according to the seat of the customer, multi language version of documents, etc., to meet the unique functional requirements of the western food scene, such as Chinese and foreign chefs, and to help businesses to delicately control customers' dining experience Improve the overall operation efficiency of the store. 4. The fresh version aims at the fresh industry with weighing demand. Customer Ruyun has launched a solution for the fresh industry with software and hardware integration, so as to meet the unique demand for fresh products such as weighing combined with self-service cash collection, traditional price tag and electronic price tag, user-defined price tag, batch price change taking effect regularly, product grading sales, daily settlement inventory, etc. At the same time, the fresh version solution more supports the deep adaptation of mainstream electronic scales, reduces the cost of customer replacement, and gives merchants a variety of choices. 5. Baking version is aimed at the baking chain industry that has entered the golden development period. The baking version solution launched by customer Ruyun is more suitable for the baking industry characteristics. It can be specially set in common system functions such as reservation, specification, accessories, blessing words, deposit, advance payment, warranty period, etc. It is worth mentioning that it also supports sub screen interaction. Businesses can display optional collocations according to business flow, and can effectively recommend high gross profit products. In addition, the user-friendly gift card voucher setting and the intelligent warning of the shelf life fit the functional requirements of the current baking industry. Customer like cloud has always adhered to the dedication of products and the intention of businesses, which is in line with the brand concept of customer like cloud & the 'store opens the world, customer like cloud comes' and highlights the differences in POS industry
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