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Stores to introduce self-help cash registers, merchants and customers are like it!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-15
Lift & other; The new retail & throughout; , I believe you won't feel strange. Nowadays, more and more businesses to meet diversified consumer demand, are gradually moving closer to the number of intellectualization. The new retail self-service register as a business shift operation mode key, in the whole process of played a very important role. Stores use self-service checkout, it is people's payment from cash to change the way of mobile payment, from let customers long team to to comfort. Present, go to the supermarket shopping you can see a lot of people go to the supermarket shopping with self-help cashier check, efficient and convenient self-service checkout way, constantly improve the shop business super shopping experience. Then, new retail self-service register is how convenient? Below small make up one by one for everyone: one, the new retail self-service register can effectively improve the efficiency of the cashier, new retail self-service register only need customers to buy goods on self-service register barcode scanning window, then display goods name, quantity, price, etc. , choose when confirmed payment/new retail self-service register can brush face also sweep the code can be payment, independently complete the check immediately. Now, as it were, a new retail self-service register is play an important role in industry. Second, can brush size face sweeping new retail diy is not confined to the cash register in the payment section, on the cashier system also has the function of data analysis, through the record sales ranking, turnover, member statistics and other data, can learn of the real requirements of customers, for goods accordingly; And further enhance the brand value. Three, for supermarkets, self-help is not only the most effective tools for improving the efficiency of the supermarket cashier, the cash register in improving accuracy of cashier, reduce customer complaint rate has also played a positive role.
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