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Summary! Major events of face recognition terminal in 2019

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-25
2019 is a year of rapid progress in science and technology, and 'brush face' is the most popular word we hear, and also a sign of the development of AI technology. Let's take a look at what happened in 2019 about 'face recognition terminal'. First place: face recognition + construction site at the beginning of 2019, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of human resources and social security have issued the management measures for real name system of construction workers (for Trial Implementation). The application of real name system of face recognition management system in the construction site helps to standardize the order of construction market, strengthen the management of construction workers, and ensure the quality and safety of the project, so as to standardize the labor order of construction market To promote the healthy development of the construction industry. The real name system of face recognition guarantees the benefits and rights of workers, standardizes the wage payment behavior of migrant workers, and ensures that migrant workers receive their wages in full and on time. Second place: face recognition terminal + garbage classification: garbage classification, an event with a boom in 2019. In order to protect the environment and make sustainable development of resources, the state first started to make waste classification demonstration areas in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and then gradually implemented nationwide! And face recognition + garbage classification is to let everyone consciously implement garbage classification through face real name integral. Third place: face recognition terminal + payment by the end of 2018, ant financial released the 'Dragonfly' face brushing payment terminal. In 2019, ant financial service further strengthened its face brushing technology and business incentive policies, bringing new service experience to new retail, and & ldquo; face brushing payment & rdquo; has fully entered our life, which can be experienced in convenience stores, supermarkets, hospitals and restaurants, without cash or mobile phones, and payment can be completed with a single swipe. Guangdong Tianbo is the hardware supplier of dragonfly generation, and ant financial has jointly opened a new era of face payment. Fourth: face recognition + community in the era of rapid development of the Internet, with the improvement of people's lives, smart community access control system is the starting point of smart community. Face recognition access control can effectively prevent strangers from entering and leaving at will and strengthen community security management step by step. It also provides a more convenient and safe access control method for residents, which will not forget to bring access card, lose key or inflexible fingerprint identification. It is more intelligent, safer and humanized! Fifth: face recognition terminal + Airport Beijing Daxing airport is another great building in China and one of the new seven wonders of the world. In addition to the magnificent building, it is also full of various Amazing Black technologies: brush face boarding, luggage monitoring, brush face asking for directions, AR glasses passenger recognition and other applications have landed, relying on one face to go into the world. Sixth: face recognition terminal + intelligent information construction of campus school has always been an important part of national education. In 2019, the face recognition technology officially entered the campus, improving the safety management of the campus. The entrance and exit of the school gate and the school dormitory need face recognition verification, which improves the efficiency of the campus management work. The entrance and exit of the library, the library borrowing, the canteen consumption also use face recognition to verify the identity, as well as the attendance of teachers and students. Every corner and every scene of the school can Experience the convenience brought by face recognition technology. No. 7: face recognition + toilet paper the original intention of providing free toilet paper is to facilitate the general public, but it can not be avoided that some low-quality citizens are greedy for small and cheap toilet paper. The new products brought by face recognition technology can play a good role in the process of supervision and promote people to gradually regulate their own behavior. Face recognition paper machine can save paper, provide users with convenient, comfortable and thoughtful service, and reduce the cost for management. It is another practical application of face recognition technology. No. 8: with the wide application of face recognition, disputes continue to arise, and the state attaches great importance to it. On November 20, 2019, the national beacon Committee ' Full launch. Ensure the stable and healthy development of face recognition! Guangdong Tianbo focuses on the development of biometric technology and cloud platform technology, and gains a lot in 2019. At the beginning of 2019, he was elected as the first director unit of Foshan AI society; in October 2019, he won the 'Golden Tripod Award' of the highest honor in the security industry;. It has also been invited to report on various news media for many times: 1. The 2019 world artificial intelligence conference, CCTV reported the Tianbo face recognition terminal; 2. The 17th China International Social Public Security Expo, CCTV interviewed the deputy general manager of Tianbo Intelligent Cloud on site; 3. The 21th China International hi tech fair, Foshan TV South China Sea channel reported Tianbo Face recognition terminal. In 2020, Guangdong Tianbo will bring more valuable products to the society, making face recognition easier!
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