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Summary of Cash withdrawal problems of vertical brush 910pos machine

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-14

occasionally, users of vertical brush will use the 910pos machine to withdraw cash, which will lead to the problem that cash cannot be withdrawn. So what causes the problem of cash withdrawal of vertical brush 910pos machine? The following is an analysis of the major reasons for the problem of the 910pos machine withdrawal: 1. The limit of the withdrawal amount of the brush 910: The brush 910pos machine single pen 10 yuan- 50 thousand yuan, if you use the vertical brush 910pos machine to withdraw more than this amount, then you can't withdraw it. 2, Li brush 910 quick withdrawal, where is the money: if you are using a fast-to-account machine, after the credit card consumption, the funds will directly enter your bound savings bank card, no need to apply for withdrawal. If the withdrawal fails due to your incorrect collection account number or abnormal status, the money will be returned to your balance. At this time, you will need to click on the home page. Cash withdrawal'Button to apply for withdrawal. 3, vertical brush 910 Cash withdrawal tips' Because your credit card transaction triggers wind control, please contact Customer Service' You are required to provide the following information for the relevant departments to review after the online customer service of the app is transferred to the Manual: a. If you collect money for a real store, please provide a business license and door photo (Show house number)Operating indoor photos (Display merchandise display), Third-party status screenshots (Baidu, etc), Supply contract or VAT invoice (Corresponding to suspicious exchanges); B. If you are collecting money for the individual, please provide the front photo of the transaction card that triggers the wind control rule, the cardholder's ID card, the deposit certificate of the transaction card, and the transfer record ( Online banking, WeChat, Alipay historical transfer records, need to display the card number), Transaction explanation (Describe the transaction process in detail); C. If you cannot contact the cardholder, please be sure to write a transaction explanation (Describe the transaction process in detail) Attached to the merchant's own ID card and two common credit cards; D. If the card you are trading is a loan card or credit card, please inform the customer service directly. Li brush 910 withdrawal prompt balance is insufficient. The reason for the insufficient withdrawal balance is generally caused by abnormal transactions such as continuous credit card swiping, and the submission data that triggers wind control in 3 needs to be followed. The above are the four common reasons for the problem of the 910pos machine. If you have any questions, please leave a message on this site. We will arrange staff to contact you to answer your questions.

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