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Super burn! 2019 China POS machine industry feast

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-02
In 2019, with the rapid development of the times and the endless business models, many POS machine enterprises are worried and distressed. In order to help enterprises to solve the problems that perplex them, help POS enterprises to transform to digital direction, calmly deal with the unpredictable POS market environment. On December 19-20, the third annual meeting of China POS industry in 2019, hosted by China POS machine network, will be held in Holiday Inn Yilin, Guangzhou. More than 100 enterprises from all over the country and hundreds of enterprise presidents will attend the meeting. During the annual meeting, the third China POS industry enterprise president forum and Android POS Summit Forum will be held. At that time, hundreds of enterprise executives will gather together, aiming at the market dynamics of Android POS; the development prospect and bottleneck of Android POS; how to develop and change POS enterprises in the era of e-commerce? The market prospect of brush face self-service equipment; how to reshape the cooperation relationship between software and hardware manufacturers and other topics for in-depth discussion and analysis, to help POS machine enterprises accurately grasp the Android POS market dynamics, change the development mode of enterprises, quickly find the development space, and lay the foundation for the transformation of enterprises. In addition, the annual meeting site will also provide a product display area for enterprises to display products and technologies. To enhance the communication between suppliers and manufacturers and promote cooperation between suppliers and manufacturers, the 20 annual meeting will also hold a meeting of upstream and downstream resources for China's POS industry. Famous enterprises such as Shang MI, Alipay, Qualcomm, and Ke men will share the industry solutions and cooperation modes between enterprises. The resource docking will play a pivotal role in the whole forenoon. A great time to embrace business opportunities and achieve cooperation. Generally speaking, the era is constantly moving forward, and the industry is constantly changing; no one mode is permanent, and no one competitiveness is eternal; no matter when, there are always enterprises with great ambitions, there are always enterprises eliminated. In the coming 2019, what are the successful experiences of high-quality enterprises that we can learn from? We'll see. Here, China POS machine network sends out the most sincere invitation to all colleagues in the POS industry, inviting you to meet in Guangzhou and the annual meeting of the POS industry. December 19, we are waiting for you in Guangzhou! Reminder: China's official account number of POS network: &ldquo, POS pos580com or pos580cn ” please select &ldquo in the menu below the official account; &ldquo in the Exhibition Conference; &ldquo in the exhibition; &rdquo will be registered; the newspaper will be named. Or directly reply to 'annual meeting' to open the application form and invitation letter. If you have any questions during the application, please contact Chen Wei: 18600900037 (wechat same number) Yang Yong 13158019082 (wechat same number). List of some registered enterprises (ranking in no particular order) No. name and position of enterprise 1 Zeng Zhaozhi, chairman of Shenzhen Kemai Technology Co., Ltd. 2 Su hongran, vice president of global marketing of Shanghai shangmi Technology Co., Ltd. 3 Yang Jun, vice general manager of Shenzhen Yijietong Technology Co., Ltd. 4 Li Weimin, general manager of Shenzhen Sanda Commercial Machinery Co., Ltd. 5 Guangzhou Lei Qiang, general manager of Zhongqi Business Machine Co., Ltd. Guo Yanyang, product manager of Baifu computer technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 7 Lin Jicheng, general manager of intelligent hardware business unit of Guangdong Tianbo Information Technology Co., Ltd. 8 Chief Strategic Officer of Yinbao yangkaixiang, Zhudong network technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. 9 Li Junjie, senior product marketing manager of Qualcomm, 10 ants Jinfu Ren Haibo business director 11 Lin Qingshan, deputy general manager of Shenzhen sisun Network Technology Co., ltd.12 Xu Chaorong, chairman of Guangdong Xulong IOT Technology Co., ltd.13 Lin Yusheng, general manager of Shenzhen Zhongshang Longfei Technology Co., ltd.14 Li Mugui, sales manager of Guangxi Zhongpei Photoelectric Technology Co., ltd.15 Cai Xiqiang, general manager of Guangdong Weituo Investment Co., ltd.16 Shenzhen queuing Gong zeliang, channel director of Network Technology Co., Ltd. 17 HK UPOs technology limited, Dong Zhenyu, operation director 18 Fu, general manager of dengdesheng Guangdong Branch of linmen payment Co., Ltd. 19 Chen Guowei, general manager of Dongguan langlipao Computer Technology Co., Ltd. 20 Li Xiaohui, general manager of Shenzhen Huiwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 21 Wang Qiyun, general manager of Guangzhou Shangchen Electronics Co., Ltd Li 22 Zhou Jingyun, general manager of Shenzhen Xingtong IOT Technology Co., ltd.23 Yao bin, general manager of Guangzhou Ruihe Electronic Technology Co., ltd.24 Cheng Jianxiang, general manager of Guangzhou Jicheng Electronic Technology Co., ltd.25 Wang Anbin, project manager of Hangjia power supply, Guangzhou Lianyi Technology Co., ltd.26 Zhang Li, general manager of Dongguan wanku Electronic Technology Co., ltd.27 Dongguan gaodaotong wire Co., Ltd Jiang Chuxin, general manager of the company, 28 Ling Zhipu, general manager of Guangzhou Zhongye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., 29 Lai Yuelin, general manager of Hangzhou xinyada Technology Co., Ltd., 30 Wang Ke, director of Shenzhen Jinshi Alliance Information Consulting Co., Ltd., 31 Li Yongli, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Yucai industry Co., Ltd., 32 Xiao Lan, sales director of Shenzhen Lilai Power Technology Co., Ltd., 33 Chenlang Technology (Shenzhen Li Shiquan, deputy general manager of Shenzhen) Co., ltd.34 Zhou Chen, sales director of Nanjing shangweibao Technology Co., ltd.35 Zhang Baipeng, business director of Xiamen kaishengnuo Technology Co., ltd.36 Zhang Yong, general manager of Shenzhen Hongxing Yongli Electronic Technology Co., ltd.37 Zhang Xiaojun, founder of Caiyu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd Cheng Zhiming, general manager of Equipment Co., Ltd. 40 Shenzhen
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