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Super burn! 'The third annual meeting of China

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-02
On December 20, the third annual meeting of China POS machine industry in 2019, hosted by China POS machine network, was successfully concluded in Holiday Inn Yilin, Guangzhou. The annual meeting achieved remarkable results, outstanding results and a complete success. The live broadcast of the annual meeting has released more than 1000 photos, with a reading volume of 171409 people. The response of the annual meeting is so warm, which embodies the high recognition and great support of the whole industry for the next annual meeting and China POS machine network. So, why is the annual meeting so eye-catching? What other places deserve 170000 people's attention? Next, please follow Xiaobian's steps to review some wonderful moments of this annual meeting. Wonderful moment 1: the check-in site is very hot and the atmosphere is very warm on the morning of December 19. The guests are checking in one after another. With more and more people checking in, the staff are really busy with check-in. Wonderful moment 2: the gathering of elites, the gathering of tycoons to meet more industry tycoons, zero distance talk with tycoons is one of the biggest highlights of the annual meeting. This annual meeting successfully invited more than 100 well-known enterprises and hundreds of guests from all over the country. For example: leading enterprises such as shangmi, Kemai, Tianbo, Yijietong, Zhongqi, sisun, Qualcomm, ant Jinfu, Yinbao, Xulong, Zhongpei photoelectric, Hongxing Yongli, Huiwei, Jinfeng precision machinery, Taixin, Lianyi, Shangchen, langlipao, Xingtong, liangzuan technology, shimeitai, jiadizi, etc. Almost all of the participants are the leaders at the level of general manager or above. There are nearly 20 guests at the level of president and chairman of listed companies alone. Wonderful moment 3: the host and special guests have a luxurious lineup in the summit forum of the annual conference. The host specially invited two heavyweights, Mr. Chen Hongliang, CEO of Keyuan and Mr. Chen Wei, marketing director of POS. In addition, in order to improve the level and influence of the annual meeting, China POS machine network also invited Mr. Lin Huipeng, a leading figure in the POS machine industry, as a special host to attend the annual meeting. Wonderful moment 4: the guests at the summit forum competed to speak and analyzed the topics comprehensively, deeply and thoroughly & the 2019 China POS industry enterprise president forum and Android POS Summit Forum officially started at 14:00 p.m., and the opening of the summit forum was full of seats. The summit forum kicked off in the colorful host, focusing on the impact of Sino US trade war on POS industry; where are the development prospects and bottlenecks of self-service devices and Android POS? How can Android POS be produced in a tough environment? With the advent of digital era, how to reshape the cooperation relationship between software and hardware manufacturers? Several major themes have been discussed and analyzed in depth. During the 4-hour discussion, almost every topic has dozens of business executives raising their hands to make speeches one after another. The active speeches of the guests made the relevant questions more comprehensive and thorough answers, and the present guests expressed their harvest. Wonderful moment 5: the products of enterprise exhibition stand are 'eye-catching'. There are 38 enterprises setting up exhibition stands to show their high-quality products and advanced technologies, such as dozens of well-known enterprises such as shangmi, Keyuan, Tianbo, Yinbao, Xulong, Shangchen, langlipao, Jicheng electronics, Jingmi, Xingtong IOT. The product exhibition area of the annual meeting attracted the attention of many guests, and countless guests have stopped to watch, and consulted the staff in detail about the products and experience the products, and praised the high-quality performance and powerful functions of the products. The on-site atmosphere is really hot! Wonderful moment 6: the dinner party of the annual meeting is rich and colorful. In order to create a more relaxed and pleasant exchange atmosphere for the participants, the annual meeting invited professional performance team to cheer up the annual meeting and activated the atmosphere of the dinner party of the whole annual meeting. There are exciting songs, charming dances, fantastic magic performances and other wonderful programs. The performance of the program makes the whole dinner more exciting and dynamic. Wonderful moment seven: the annual meeting of happy mood and witnessing the honorary moment mainly praised a group of enterprises that made outstanding contributions to China's POS industry in 2019, and solemnly awarded the “ 2019 China's POS industry outstanding contribution award ”, which was awarded by Mr. Lin Huipeng, an industry expert, and Mr. Fan Feifei, Secretary General of Guangdong chain operation association. The enterprises that won the 'outstanding contribution award of China POS industry in 2019' are: shangmi, Kemai, Sanda, Tianbo, Xinye electronics, Zhongpei optoelectronics, Lianyi, shimeitai, Huiwei, wanku electronics, Hongxing Yongli, Shangchen, liangzui technology, pinbrush, Jinfeng precision machinery, Taixin and Jiadi. Wonderful moment eight: the scene atmosphere of the resource docking meeting is warm, dry goods are full of 20 am, and the annual meeting held the upstream and downstream resource docking meeting of China's POS industry. At the resource docking meeting, ant Jinfu, shangmi, Keyuan, Qualcomm, Jinfeng precision machinery, Zhongpei optoelectronics, Taixin, shimetai, Huiwei, Lianyi, Shangchen, Jiadi and other famous enterprises came to the stage to share their industry solutions and cooperation models among enterprises. Their sharing enhances the communication and learning between suppliers and manufacturers, promotes the cooperation between suppliers and manufacturers, and makes the goods full. With joy and harvest, the third China POS industry annual meeting in 2019 was successfully concluded. In this regard, China POS machine network wishes all the industry colleagues who have gained a lot in the annual meeting to make a great progress. At the same time, I also applied to join the
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