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Tea shop is a hot market, intelligent cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-02
Tea shop, the domestic market is broad, and presents a red sea. Streets, shopping malls, tea shops, beverage shops, milk tea shops can be seen everywhere, especially milk tea shops, with very high density. There may be four or five or more on the same floor of a shopping mall. But you will find that there are not many customers in many stores. Famous brand tea shops often have long lines and are very popular. But is it a good phenomenon to judge whether the tea shop is good only by the length of the queue? Take Xicha for example. When it was said before, it would think of 'queuing';. But recently, when I went to the nearby shopping mall to buy a cup of cheese mango, I saw that there were not many people in line. Could it be that the online popularity of tea shops has declined? No, according to the data, as of the third quarter of 2018, the number of existing tea stores nationwide has reached 450000, an increase of 74% in a year, and the scale of the new Chinese tea market has exceeded 90 billion yuan. Among them, Xicha stores sell 2000 drinks on average every day. So, why are fewer people queuing up for tea? The secret is that the cash collection system of tea shops has been upgraded digitally. The online and offline cash collection system of Xicha was reformed in two ways. A small self-service order procedure is put forward so that customers can order and order take out in advance before arriving at the store, saving customers' time. Now, the number of orders for self-service ordering using small programs accounts for 40% of the total orders. You can see that customers welcome this form of self-service ordering. In addition, the cash register of offline tea shops has also been upgraded. For tea shop milk tea shop product demand diversification, for example, each customer's customized demand for beverage sweetness, ice quantity and feeding, simple and flexible milk tea shop cash register operation interface, can let employees learn how to operate milk tea shop cash register in half a day, easy to use. In the actual ordering scenario, the order can be placed quickly and the error rate can be reduced. The optimization of the cash register in this milk tea shop can reduce the order time of each order by 3-5 seconds, and achieve a record of 4000 orders a day at most. No wonder customers don't need to queue much now. Recently, Xicha has also launched an unmanned cash register, which further reduces the labor cost by combining self-service order and self-service pick-up counter. Some people have proposed that if there is no such perfect digital capability as Xicha (they also set up a special it business department in 2017), how to improve the cashier system and operation capability of tea shops? Xiaobian hereby recommends a Tianbo intelligent face brush payment cash register tps680c, which can support code scanning, self-service and face brush payment functions with professional cash collection software and 3D structured light face recognition hardware. The main screen is for the staff to operate the milk tea shop cash register system. The customer screen can play menu price list, promotional video, promotional information, etc. to improve brand exposure Luminosity, attract customers to enter the store for consumption, and improve the conversion rate. Digital management and humanized experience are also becoming one of the key competitive advantages of tea shops and milk tea shops.
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