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The advantage of optimal family member management system of science and technology!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
Optimal system supports precise batch management of science and technology, the use of advanced first out of accounting methods, can provide precise batch gross profit. In the batch management system with the method of scientific and practical, for promotion, different mode of operation, one more business, the accurate verification of the batch management such as gift. So what's the advantage membership management system? 1. Member of automatic recognition and promotion, with the consent of the optimal system out of the family can support WeChat face pay, also with WeChat frog pro in-depth get through, the frog pro can through the facial recognition optimal family members and discount, etc. 2. Four one member CRM system: entity card, phone number card, WeChat membership card and the joining together of face card four member system. 3. Smart card coupon marketing: optimal door series product coupon marketing function will be put into the product of double screen and merchants within 3 km WeChat circle of friends. 4. Family members each archetype: support one person pay, family brush face using family the collection mode, which opened a master card can bring more vice card, the whole family simply brush face could easily by using the membership card. Optimal door era of science and technology will always maintained a keen sense of smell and an open mind, accurately grasp the dynamic change of retail market pattern and consumer demand, to provide customers with personalized product solutions, by the high quality service and high quality products, system of China merchants experience from optimal to households smart!
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