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The advantage of ZhiYun board wisdom dining room!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-15
ZhiYun board is a standardized, high ratio of the wisdom of the group meal management system, for all kinds of government organs, enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, hospitals, schools, central kitchen, food court and large mass of meal service group to provide new & other; Mobile Internet & throughout; Information technology solutions, implementation on different formats canteen purchasing, production, sales, business analysis, such as whole process service management, to satisfy different customer in the group meal operating all-round demand. The dining room easier, informationization, wisdom. So ZhiYun canteen meals wisdom what are the advantages? 1, precision equipment eat, have a nodal canteen according to the online order number to purchasing ingredients, precision equipment eat, it's a nodal, greatly saves the canteen procurement, inventory, such as artificial operating costs. 2, improve the efficiency of repast, improve service multimode in advance and save time for the order queue congestion, improved dining experience, let more people to return to the dining room. 3 the elaborating management system, improve the canteen to automatically generate the canteen management situation analysis, analysis data such as reports, the canteen dining room managers can through the phone APP real-time remote monitoring dining room operation, fine management promoted the canteen. 4, food safety, ensure the healthy by supplier audit, Ming kitchen bright kitchen, detect pesticide residues, sample management, food traceability to ensure diner food health security, at the same time, based on nutritional data, smart remind diners reasonably healthy diet. 5, online payment, convenient and quick integration alipay, face all kinds of form of payment, mobile payment, save tedious cash top-up, improve the efficiency of cashier, assist to apply for payment channels, convenient and quick. 6, canteen value-added, boost revenue using Internet + canteen, let small dining room to make a big business. Dining room can save labor, raw materials and other costs, attract more people to return to the dining room at the same time, increase their income.
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